Saturday, April 7, 2012


Team packets have been mailed out to all the captains, with the following items:
1) Brevet cards with rider information labels attached
2) Brevet card master
3) Postcards with address labels
4) Fleche Rules
5) Safety Instructions
The packets were mailed out on April 7th, so they should be arriving early next week.  Captains should contact me if the packet doesn't arrive by Wednesday.

Please double check that the brevet card controle and rider information is accurate.  You may make any corrections directly on the card.  If you need to make additional brevet cards, a master is provided to make copies on card stock.  Please also be sure to double check your team roster status and start time on the PA Randonneurs website:
... all missing waivers and pending registrations need to be resolved before you start.

I've included some postcards with address labels.  You will need to supply your own 32 cent stamps.  If you are using a postcard controle (which can always be used as a fallback if all of the stores are closed in a town), a single postcard with signatures of all team members will suffice.  If any team members get separated, they should mail their own postcards.

Also included are a copy of the Fleche Rules and Safety Instructions … read them, know them, and live them!

Please feel free to contact me during the event, if any issues arise (610) 417-7161.  On Saturday night, I may be at the hostel and you should be aware that cell phone coverage is very poor there… try the hostel phone number: (215) 536-8749  if I don't answer my cell phone.

Have a Safe ride, and see you in Quakertown!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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