Saturday, April 14, 2012

Silver Spring 200k

**** Update #2 (4/18) ****
The cuesheet has been updated to draft 5, dated 4/18/12, with the following changes:
-The mileage at mile 50.7 in draft 4 was off slightly; it has been corrected to 50.4.
-Additional spotting cues were added at mile 50.4
-"+QBL" was added to the instruction at mile 50.4, indicating that after the "TR", you should bear left to follow the bend in the main road.

Ivan Umble will be at the Dutchway Restaurant (Rt. 41, Christiana) around 6am for those wishing to have a good breakfast before the brevet.  It's less than 5 minutes from there to the starting location which happens to coincide with the final couple of miles of the brevet course.  George and I will be at the start by 6:15 waiting to get you checked in and ready to roll. 

- Andrew Mead, Organizer
**** Update #1 (4/17) ****
Two volunteer pre-rides occurred last week and the cuesheet has been updated to draft 4 dated 4/15/12.  Please make sure that you print the latest cue sheet as there are many small corrections and a new, slightly shorter, and way more scenic run into the finish.

Other observations:
1.  Controle 2 is at a small bakery.  For those needing to replenish supplies with something different, there is a Landhope Farms C-store at mile 28.3 just before the controle and a Royal Farms C-store at mile 37.7 in Conowingo.  Do not pass Conowingo with low supplies.
2.  Watch your time carefully until you reach the 3rd controle in Mt. Nebo.
3.  Remember Tom's rule about descending faster than your guardian angel.  Gravel abounds and usually where it is most disruptive for skinney tires.  That being said, the descent at mile 79 features fresh asphalt:  let 'er rip.
4.  An "Easy to Miss"  (***) notation on the cue sheet is to be heeded.

It is a great route that I'm sure you will enjoy.

-Andrew Mead, Organizer

****  Rider Roster (as of April 19)  ****

1 Daniel Aaron
2 Barbara Solis Anderson
3 Ronald Anderson
4 Helmet Bauer
5 Clair Beiler
6 Gavin Biebuyck
7 Bill Blank
8 Crista Borras
9 Larry E Brenize
10 Ed Dodd
11 Dawn M Engstrom
12 Matthew Farrell
13 Scott Franzen
14 Doug Haluza
15 Steve Harding
16 Donald Jagel
17 Eric Keller
18 Christopher Anson Knight
19 Andrew D Mead
20 George Metzler
21 Ralph Miller
22 Walter J Pettigrew
23 Susan Rodetis
24 Tom Rosenbauer
25 Paul D Scearce
26 William M Slabonik
27 Keith A Spangler
28 Gilbert Torres
29 Ivan M Umble
30 Chuck Wood

**** Original Post ****
Compliments of route designer, Andrew Mead, the inaugural edition of the Silver Spring 200k will be held on Saturday April 21.  Starting out near Atglen, PA, the Silver Spring 200k promises a day of discovery as you ride through rural Lancaster County. The route winds south though the Octoraro watershed, meandering for a while by the bucolic Octoraro Creek, eventually entering Maryland on the way to Port Deposit along the Susquehanna River.

The route heads upstream from Port Deposit where you will be treated to a rare stretch of “River Road” that is generally level. Enjoy it while you can, for once you spy the Conowingo Dam, the challenges begin.  The route continues northwesterly for the length of the Conowingo Reservoir. A watchful eye will be rewarded with a few great vistas of the lake. The route is peppered with several drops from the high bluff back to the lake, usually with a few tricky turns on the descents, and naturally a climb back to the top of the bluff each time.  As you pass the upper reservoir of the Muddy Run Pumped Storage Facility be mindful that you are now 400 feet above the Conowingo Reservior. It will seem like much more since you'll have gained that 400 feet many times over. A quick turn onto a River Road that is anything but flat and then a challenging climb up the aptly named Douts Hill Rd will bring riders to the next controle at the Mount Nebo General Store. Enjoy the deli.

Upon departing Mt. Nebo, the route visits Safe Harbor. Instead of the usual climb towards Highville that several of you covered in January or the up to Conestoga as is usual for a Spring Forward brevet, we’ll follow the Conestoga River to Rock Hill.  This is the easiest way out of Safe Harbor for a bicycle.   Your legs will thank you as we move north along the west side of Millersville and Lancaster on our way to the next controle in Salunga. This section also offers a few of those “perfect” cycling roads, so enjoy.

The route heads east from Salunga through Lititz to the penultimate contole in Akron. PA Dutch 200 veterans will recognize a few roads, but follow your cue as there are a few twists added to keep it interesting. From Akron it’s a straight shot back to the finish in Atglen along gently rolling farm roads.  A special treat awaits you at the finish: George Metzler will be cooking up some delicious BBQ.

Addition details are posted on the event website:

Drop me or Andrew a note if you plan to join us.  And as always, be sure to check back on the website and message board for updates -- the cuesheet will be updated in the next day or so, with changes from volunteer pre-ride.

-Tom Rosenbauer, RBA
-Andrew Mead, Organizer

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Im not able to ride on Saturday so I would like to pre-ride this Friday and I'm looking for someone who would like to pre-ride with me. If anyone is interested please let me know.