Monday, October 22, 2018

October PA R-12 Ride Report: NeoClassic 154/200k

Preliminary results for the Neo Classic 200K and 154K have been posted on the website.  Please review the results and inform me of any necessary corrections.  The results will be submitted to RUSA in the coming days and become final pending RUSA certification.  Thirty riders clipped in for the 200K, with 28 finishing for a 93% completion rate of a very challenging brevet. All 4 riders who started the 154K finished in good time for a 100% completion of the very challenging populaire.

It was a blustery fall day with northwest winds upwards of 30 mph and temperatures ranging through the fifties. There were slight sprinkles of rain and mist every now and then, but the sun also peaked out from time to time. All in all these were reasonable riding conditions for this time of year.

Sadly, the hoped-for Fall foliage wasn't yet on display. Mid-Atlantic foliage changes have been moderate thus far this year. Other than the bright yellows of ready-to-harvest corn and soybeans, most of the foliage was still green.

Even without the full Fall colors, riders generally reported that the Neo-classic was just as scenic as the original classic. The start on the Two Rivers Trailway received high marks for a pleasant beginning. Scenic, of course, is bike rider code for hilly as a #)*&$#^@!.  Lower Saucon Rd was a decidedly un-pleasant ending, several riders commenting about its difficulty.

Randonesia in the form of food and drink was in ample supply at the finish, with many riders enjoying gourmet snacks provided by the club at the Cask Tavern. After a few bites and a pint, I heard many a tale of bold adventure recounted by rejuvenated riders that seemed ready to hop back on their bikes and ride on.

The sprinkles of rain were directly responsible for a mishap experienced by Jon C. As he descended from the summit of Fox Gap,  the thin layer of oil and water on one of the curves denied his tires traction and he slid off the curve, careening into a barrier. Amazingly, he sustained only minor road-rash and walked the rest of the way into the controle. I guess he didn't outpace his guardian angel. Bike wise, his carbon fiber fork blades snapped clean in half. Other than a new fork he reports the bike will need little more than a wheel truing.

Next up in November is another brevet and populaire, this time on different dates. The routes are somewhat kinder and gentler. We hope the November weather will be kind and gentle to us as well.

Chris Nadovich