Monday, January 31, 2011

Beyond Hope to New Hope Feb 5 R-12

The next R-12 event is scheduled for February 5.  However, given the current road conditions and upcoming winter storm, there's a very good chance that we'll need to reschedule this event.
Road conditions permitting, we'll be running a new version of the "Beyond Hope to New Hope" course -- a new cuesheet and map were posted this weekend. ***Please note the new start/finish location at the Belvidere Diner***.
The new routing mainly uses primary roads, since these have the best chance of being cleared and salted, given all the snow we've gotten in the past month.  But despite that effort, road conditions were not good enough this past weekend to run a volunteer preride.
Please be sure to check back on the website and message board later in the week for updates.
-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 PBP News

Looking for information on PBP? RUSA advises that the ACP should be the primary source for information. You can learn much at the 2011 PBP Website.

RUSA has provided a few highlights aimed to make the ride experience in 2011 more enjoyable.

RUSA will not be involved in rider registration as it has been in the past, so riders should be very, very familiar with the registration information - - as well as the rules of the event - - and other information on the site.

For the Facebook users, the ACP is also communicating to PBP participants through the PBP Facebook Page.

Bike Check and Brevet Card Collection
As in previous editions, the bike check will make sure that your bike is in accordance with the rules and enable you to fix last-minute problems. After the bike check, you will pick up your brevet card as well as the various ordered items (jersey, reflective vest, meals, etc.).

In 2011, those who start at 5:00 a.m. will be accommodated by a bike check and brevet card collection for them alone on Sunday morning. This way, they can avoid spending two nights there before the start. All other riders will have their bike check on the day before, Saturday, August 20.

Pre-ride Party
The Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur is a great opportunity to celebrate and to have a good time all together. That's why we invite you to meet on Saturday evening for a party which will end with fireworks around the 'gymnase des Oroits de I'Homme'.

Since 1991, the Audax Club Parisien donates a part of the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur revenues to charity. This year the ACP chose to help the 'Institut Curie' to fund cancer research. You are invited to join with your own contribution. You will find several links to the 'Institut Curie' on the ACP website.

Earlier Starting Times
The first riders will start Sunday, August 21 at 4:00 p.m. The last ones are expected to leave around 8:00 p.m. This should enable riders to ride further before the first overnight stop on Monday evening. The hope is to avoid further overcrowding at the Loudeac control.

Free Starting Times
In addition to the traditional group starts, free starting times are offered on Sunday evening from 09h00 to 10h00 p.m. and on Monday morning from 5:30 to 8:00 a.m.

No crowds, no stress, riders will simply validate their brevet cards, cross the starting line, and begin the randonnee. But beware, only small groups of less than 20 people will be allowed to start at once, and if there is too much demand restrictions will be imposed. Of course, riders will immediately be riding in the flow of traffic and thus riders are urged to be vigilant from the very beginning.

Simplified Registration
In 2011, the registration process is simplified: only offer online registration is offered the PBP website ( with integrated payment. Riders no longer have to send any documents by mail.

Rider Tracking
No more long lines at the controls to validate both brevet card and magnetic badge! The organization will still use the brevet card to document that riders passed through the various controls, but rider passage will be automatically recorded with a magnetic chip carried across a mat on the floor. At the end of the ride, riders can keep the chip as memory.

Sleeping Option at Saint Nicolas du Pelem
Starting earlier than in previous editions, riders may ride further than Loudeac for their first sleep stop ... if they consider sleeping at all! But the need to sleep can show up all of a sudden. Saint-Nicolas-du-Pelem should allow riders to tackle this stage without worries. Located midway between Loudeac and Carhaix, it will offer an ideal sleeping opportunity for riders hesitant to ride all the way to the next control. In addition to many sleeping mats, there are: showers - restrooms - cold and hot snacks (breakfast) - and a bike mechanic.

Arrival at Brest City Centre
Previous PBP finishers will tell you how strange it is to look forward to Brest for many hours and finally see only a few corners of the city. In 2011, riders will be forced to discover a little more of Brest's assets by riding along the port and in the city centre. The goal is for your arrival in Brest to become one of the greatest memories of your randonnee.

PBP 2011 'High Visibility' Reflective Vest
Since 2007, French law has changed and all riders must wear a high visibility vest during hours of darkness or other low-light conditions. Long before it became compulsory in France, the ACP mandated the wearing of a reflective sash when riding at night. In 2011 , all reflective vests must comply with the safety norm no. EN471. At registration, riders can purchase a reflective vest, to ensure compliance with French traffic law. This vest will be marked with the PBP Randonneur 2011 logo.

Thanks to Mark Thomas for providing this digest.

The Daily Randonneur Photo Contest

Just in case you don't follow, don't have time to follow, or simply aren't aware that you should be following, Ed Felker and company (Jon Gardner & Mary Gersema) are posting results of the latest TDR photo contest during the week of January 21. There are quite a few familiar faces and places among the entries. You can check out all the photos and results of the judging at The Daily Randonneur.

Congratulations to Shane Beake for his runner-up finish in the Spirit of Randonneuring category with his picture of the 2010 Cyclepath fleche team warming up at the Quakertown Hostel following a very wet 24 hours.

wrapped in blankets to stop the shivering

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kaufman's Clicks - PA Dutch New Years ACP 200


Additional photos taken by Mark Kaufman during our New Years Day Brevet can be accessed from my FLICKR Account for your viewing pleasure - thanks Mark!

And the link to my additional photos can be accessed HERE

Rick / Rex

Monday, January 3, 2011

Preliminary Results & Ride Report - PA Dutch ACP 200k

Preliminary results for the New Years Day running of the PA Dutch ACP 200k are posted at:
... please let me know of any corrections or other issues. Results will be sent to RUSA later this week, and then become final, pending RUSA & ACP approval.

Temperatures at the start were above the freezing mark at 36 F, and rose steadily to 50 F which maintained throughout the afternoon and evening hours. In fact, at midnight Saturday the local temperature in Reading was 53 F, unheard of for the first of January! The sun was out early on, then became increasingly overcast to maintain the comfortable - or for some overdressed riders - balmy temperature. The winds were calm initially, with a slight southerly breeze developing later on to welcome the riders home.

What a difference one year makes, compared to the 14 F / 25 mph sustained NW wind conditions at the start of last years' event, as described in Tom R's post-ride commentary:

Results Summary:
17 of the 19 starters made it around the course within the time limit (including Mark Kaufman and me who did the volunteer pre-ride two weeks prior), for an 89% completion. Ixsa Gollihur and Bill Reagan, who bravely rode over 50 miles in the arctic conditions of last years PAD, completed the entire course together this time around, although arriving one-half hour behind the limit.

Controle Complications:
Arranging a brevet on a holiday can present challenges with businesses operating on Holiday schedules, and this was no exception. Despite the best efforts of Mark and I to obtain direct confirmation from the owners and staff that the Subway in Columbia and the Cafe Chocolate in Lititz would remain open on New Years Day, for whatever reason this was not the case.

The outstanding quick efforts of Mark Kaufman in relocating the Columbia controle to the nearby Turkey Hill, and Andrew Mead (assisted by Curtis Palmer & Jack Bingham) in relocating the Lititz controle to an open pizza place a few doors down, resulted in minimal disruption for the participants. This made for an especially long day by Mark, who swept the riders through at Columbia, then later relived Andrew and company to greet and report on the remaining riders progress through Lititz.

My congratulations go out to all of the riders once again for their effort and teamwork, as especially exhibited by Ixsa & Bill in traveling and completing the course together. And for the volunteer commitments demonstrated above in managing the controles - well done!

Of course, with my wife Lora Beth out of town, I would have been lost without the overnight and all-day assistance of Ron & Barb Anderson here in Reading! Barb and Ron were there to help register riders at the ride start, assist me with food preparation, and in greeting the returning riders at the post-ride celebration (which lasted well into the evening). Thanks a bunch you two!

Of special note, Nigel Greene, Tom Reeder, and Bill Russell successfully completed their first Eastern PA Brevet on this ride, with Tom coming north to visit from Alexandria VA, and Bill visiting our "balmy" weather from his icy home in Martha's Vineyard MA - Thanks for joining us!

And once again, the combo team of George "Baggy Jeans" Metzler & John "Fair Weather" Fuoco rocked the course with a new course record time of 9h 00m. Not bad for a ragged pair of Pennsyltuckians, and so apropos a title for George to hold; one of our "token" Dutchmen. And as George and Mike Lutz are reportedly heard to say, "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!"

Additonal photos taken by Ron and Barb can be accessed on their FLICKR site at:

My pics, and those contributed by Curtis from the Lititz controle are found here:

Rider Comments:
As of this posting, a few rider comments were received. Please feel free to submit any you may have, and I'll add to this segment.

Rick Carpenter - Organizer

From Patrick O'Donnell:
"Hey, thanks again for all that you've done in organizing the New Years brevet. From the opening of your home, to the endless correspondence, to the genuine concern for all the participants, and so much more. My experience yesterday makes for an excellent foundation in getting back into Randonneuring. Your efforts, along with Ron and Barb Anderson's, Mark Kaufman's and Andrew Mead's demonstrate everything that is right about this aspect of bicycling and that past negative experiences with motorists aren't going to keep me from participating in it. Thank you all!"

From Joe Fillip:
"Rick, Thanks to you and the volunteers for a great (and challenging!) ride yesterday. It was a lot of fun, and a wonderful way to start the New Year. Great to meet you. Thanks again! -- Joe"

From Doug Haluza:

"Yes, great job. I expected we would be on our own. It was nice to see volunteers at the closed controls. I hope we didn't p*ss off Rick's neighbors! It was really nice of Rick to host us from his house.

P.S. Rick, I stopped in Philipsburg on the way out, and I see why you like Cycle Funattic. It's probably the only place around that has more Bianchi's than your garage!"

From Nigel Greene:

"I wanted to thank Rick and the volunteers for staging a great event. Having just completed my first eastern PA Randonneur ride, I can now see why you get such a strong year round turn out for courses whose reputation for difficulty precede them. From the warm greetings on my arrival at the start, the friendly riders on the course, the helpful volunteers at the controles, to the delicious food and warm welcome on the return, the people involved made it a very memorable day. Add to that a course that was scenic, low traffic, and challenging (without being brutal), and you have a combination that made an excellent day of riding.

Look forward to riding with the group again. Thanks!"

From George Metzler:

Did you find Doug? :-) Thanks again for all the food and organizing great support for the day"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Sweet Deal on a Great Rain Jacket

While I know there are a few among us leading charmed lives that never encounter bad weather while riding brevets. I've never been much for charm and have wished on more than a few occasions for a little more water-proofness from my clothing.

RUSA has come to the rescue. For a limited time, RUSA members can order a RUSA-branded Showers Pass jacket at a special discounted price. The Showers Pass Elite 2.0 is one of the best rated rain jackets available, drawing rave reviews from the kings of wet-weather randonneuring, Seattle International Radonneurs. The Double Century jacket is lighter weight and packs into a smaller package.

Additional details and ordering instructions are available on the RUSA website at: The order deadline is January 31, 2011 so don't wait too long.