Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July R-12: Hawk's Nest 200k

*** Rider Comments (8/5) ***

Jon Clamp writes: "...
Thanks once again for a well organized event. Once in a while all the planets line up to deliver perfect conditions and Saturday was a great example. Somehow I managed to hook in with Don Jagel who pulled me along for almost the whole route allowing me to set a personal best for a 200km. Most of us usually see Don at the start and then his rear wheel for about five minutes before he disappears. He is a formidable rider. As for the Old Mine Road climb, I resorted to weaving my way up so probably did twice the distance and hit twice as many potholes. However, once I got to the small plateau about half way up I had to resort to two feet. So the answer is I made it half way up!!..."

*** Update Results (8/1) ***
Preliminary results have been updated -- Walt Pettigrew finished in 8:20, 5 minutes after first finishers Don Jagel and Jon Clamp.  Great results all around!

*** Preliminary Results / Ride Report (8/1) ***
Preliminary results have been posted at:

... please let me know of any corrections or any other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and then become final pending RUSA/ACP certification.

The weather gods certainly smiled upon us this time.  I don't think you could ask for better weather conditions in July.  This is even more remarkable, given the streak of record breaking heat waves over the past month.  In fact, I'd say it's probably one of the best days all summer we've had.  At the start, we had cool, crisp temperatures in the 60's.  By the time we got up to Hawley, the outdoor thermometer was showing 75F.  NOAA reported temperatures barely making to 80F at Port Jervis in the afternoon.

The Hawk's Nest course has alway's been a fast course, with riders typically finishing much earlier than on the other 200k's in the Eastern PA region.  And with the very favorable weather conditions this time, all 14 riders completed the course well within the time limit for another 100% completion -- congratulations!

Of note, Bob Dye completed his very brevet and is now, officially a randonneur -- congratulations to Bob, and special thanks to Shane Beake for introducing Bob to our sport and guiding him along on his first event. And once again, Jon Clamp rode his single-speed setup.  I haven't gotten word yet, on whether Jon was able to conquer the Old Mine Road climb with his single-speed, or instead resorted to the 2-foot alternative.  Even with gears, that Old Mine Road hill is quite a challenge -- the roads leading up to the climb are a pretty good workout by themselves, with all the sharp rollers along the way.  And adding to the difficulty, you have 100+ miles that you've already have put in so far.  Each time I do this climb, I always wonder why the road has to go straight up that ridge (and immediately back down to Millbrook Village) instead of following a flatter line along the river.  But way back in the 1600's, somebody decided that's the way it ought to be:

Also of note, Walt Pettigrew got around the course in exactly 8 hours, less than 20 minutes off the course record of 7:43 (set by Len Zawodniak and Greg Pedano).  Several of the other finishers were wondering what exactly Walt was carrying in his water bottle, and wanted to have his bike inspected for any motorized aids!  Incidentally, that course record was set with not only favorable temperatures, but was aided by a stiff northwest wind in the afternoon that sped riders along Rt 97 from Lackawaxen all the way to Port Jervis.

Although I did manage to log a few bonus miles in the beginning -- somehow, I managed to misread my own cuesheet that was perfectly clear -- it was one of my most favorite brevets so far this year.  I especially enjoyed sharing a few miles and chatting with several riders along the way.  Without a doubt, randonneuring attracts participants from all sorts of backgrounds who have lived most interesting lives.

Several riders looked like they were well prepared for some big, upcoming events they plan to take on, including the Endless Mountains 1000k (Jon Clamp, Jud Hand, Don Jagel, Robin Landis, Chris Nadovich, Christine Newman) later this August, and Quadzilla (Jud Hand) in a couple of weeks.

Once again, Shane Beake has done a fantastic job of taking pictures along the entire course.  Do check out his photo album posted here:
.. he's got some really excellent shots of the many scenic vistas we passed by.  Thanks Shane, for preserving the memories, so we can look back, and reflect upon the great day we had!

If you have any other pictures, comments or stories to share, you can post them on the PA message board or forward them to me.

Next up, we'll be running the Hawk's Nest 200k again in 2 weeks, for the August R-12.  If the weather forecast is for a much hotter day, I'll probably have an earlier start time, so we can get through the exposed sections along Rt 97 before the midday heat kicks in.  And on August 26, the Endless Mountains 1000k starts.  Although the current roster is beyond the original field limit, I can probably add a couple more riders.  If you're planning to ride PBP next year, getting a 1000k ACP event in this year will maximize your chances of getting on the PBP roster.  And at the end of September, the Endless Mountains Brevet Week (6 days of 200k each day) offers a scenic tour of northestern PA that generally follows the EM1000 and EM1240 routes.  I'm looking to fill a couple more slots on the roster, and will extend the early registration discount for a   short while longer.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

*** Original Post ***
The July R-12 event is this coming Saturday, the 31st.  We'll be running our favorite, hot weather course: the Hawk's Nest 200k, which is generally along shaded roads and cooler temperatures up along the Allegheny Plateau.  If the current forecast holds, we should see dry conditions and temperatures in the lower 80's.  And if that cold front can hang in there, we just might get a favorable north west wind to push us along Rt 97 into Port Jervis.

The start/finish is at the Water Gap diner, which will open at 6AM, if you'd like to top off with a nice breakfast -- the sign-in table will be inside the diner.  Park your car in the Laird parking lot, which is around the corner from the diner. Follow this link for parking directions:
... there is a path from the Laird parking lot that takes you to the back of the diner parking lot.

*** Rider List (updated 7/30) ***
Dija A Amer
Shane Beake
Janice Chernekoff
Jonathan Clamp
Andrew Cramer
Bob Dye
Judson L Hand
Donald Jagel
R. Mark Kaufman
Gary Kuchmeister
Robin C Landis
Christine Newman
Walter J Pettigrew
Tom Rosenbauer
Paul G Shapiro
If you're also planning to join us for what is shaping up as a spectacular day for a ride, drop me a note.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 VanIsle 1200K

My brother and I joined 20 other riders for the second running of the VanIsle 1200, a randonnee that took in the sights of Vancouver Island ... I'm told the LARGEST island in the Western Hemisphere.

We had a great time and managed out stops to finish our ride at 5:30PM today for a total time of 86.5 hours. We could have stopped at a couple more Tim Hortons :-).

I'll post photos and a ride report on my blogsite - soon (I promise!!!) For now you can see some of the photos at BC's VanIsle website.