Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fleche Preliminary Results and Ride Report

Preliminary results have been posted at:
...Please let me know of any corrections or additional notes you may have.

Finally, some decent weather for a Saturday morning start -- we were certainly way overdue! And for only the second time (out of 5 years) a 100% finish rate for all teams and participants -- Congratulations to everyone for being a part of that success. Of note, Christine Newman and Mike Lutz have completed their R-5000; and Larry Midura completed his RUSA Cup  -- Well Done! And as noted in the results, several riders have completed multiple PA Fleches.  Of note, the following have completed all 5 editions of the PA Fleche:
-Walt Pettigrew
-Dawn Engstrom
-Rick Lentz
-Bill Olsen
Guy Harris probably would have 5 finishes also, if not for that 2010 Icelandic volcano that stranded him in the U.K. Bill Fischer also has completed 4 PA Fleches with 3 different teams. 

Thanks to all the Team Captains for a great job in putting together their routes and leading their teams safely to Quakertown.  Special thanks also, to Walt Pettigrew for helping out at the finish with the clean-up.

Nigel Greene has posted an eloquent ride report here:
... along with a lot of great pictures here:

Larry Midura writes: "...
It was nice to see you again after the Fleche on Sunday - and many thanks for connecting me with Cumberland Cruisers (Walt, Rick, Dawn & Bill) - as our ride together was a blast - had a wonderful experience both on and off the road - the Cumberland Cruisers are a great group of cyclists.  Walt's fleche route was fantastic - it is exciting to ride on new roads as were the roads of southern New Jersey - and the weather could not have been better....

Susan Rodetis writes: "...Thanx so much for a wonderful event and a great welcome and support at the finish ..."

Patrick Chin-Hong (of Sins of the Fleche) writes: "...Thanks again for hosting. Was wonderful finally meeting you. Had a great ride! ...This was also Susan's longest distance ever, and with five PBPs under our team's belts (two for Dan, and one each for Steve, Paul and me, she was in good hands! No longer are the four of us fleche-lings....And if any of you other teams left your controles with deflated tyres, re-wired headlamps, missing derailleurs or well-greased handlebars, or found at the end of the ride a few extra pounds of lead weights in your bags, we hope you enjoyed crossing paths with us Sinners: Dan (Lust), Susan (Wrath), Paul (Sloth), Steve (Pride), Patrick (Gluttony) ..."
Patrick's photo album is at:

If you have any ride reports or on-line photo albums to share, please forward the links to me and I'll post them to the message board. 

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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