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Blue Mountain 200k Results and Report

Preliminary results for the March 24th  Blue Mountain 200k have been posted at:
...please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be sent to RUSA shortly, and then become final, pending RUSA approval.

Despite a rather wet and dismal weather forecast, the day started out clear and sunny with unusually warm temperatures in the 50F's.  By late morning, the increasing clouds were almost a welcome relief from the warm sun, as many riders tackled the climb up Little Gap.  By mid afternoon, the darkening clouds brought on the first couple of drops of rain, but little more materialized other than a few little spritzes that barely wet the roadway.  A pretty stiff east wind apparently did it's part to keep the bulk of the rain to our west.  And for the most part, the wind was more beneficial than not -- especially that downwind leg  from Wind Gap to Danielsville.

35 riders (including 1 preride volunteer) officially finished for another 100%  completion -- congratulations for another excellent result.  Of note, Christopher Knight completed his first brevet, and Steve Harding completed his first PA brevet.  Both of them hail all the way from Delaware, and hopefully, we'll see them clipping in again with us soon.

First finishers Len Zawodniak and John Fuoco made it around the course in 8:21.  John writes: "... it was truly a thrill to get back into brevets ... I realized how much I missed it all: the bunch, the hills, the wind, the potholes, and just how nice it feels to get to the end! I am still sore and tired but looking forward to the next one..."
Len writes: "...Thanks for a great course today!  Exceptional spring weather and Mother Nature was looking good. You know, there is an easier way back to the finish without that last hill... oh I speak heresy ! I meant thanks for helping us all get in a little extra training, which we undoubtedly could use in the spring ... I particularly appreciated the cooling mist that you provided just in time for a tired randonneur to climb that last hill. I did not actually see you doing it, so I presume that it was remote controlled in some fashion. I'll just call it Remote Activated Inundation ( or just "RAIN" for short)...."

Nigel Greene writes: "...I wanted to say thanks to you and the volunteers for another great job on the putting this ride together. The cue sheet route accuracy and road selection made for another memorable day. Even Staat Rd added that particular exclamation point I learned to expect from a Pennsylvania course..."  And once again, Nigel has put together another excellent ride report posted here:
... with a photo album posted here:

Mary Johnson writes: "...Despite 2 flat tires -- the ride was great.  Nice course and great company along the ride.  Thanks for delaying the rain! ..."

Doug Haluza this time, had an uneventful ride, which is quite rare for him.  Doug writes: "...So nice to complete an unremarkable brevet for a change--sometimes you bite the bear I guess...."  Doug has created a website if you would like to post your GPS data:

Joe Fillip writes: "...Very good ride yesterday -- I am particularly fond of the course (with the exception of the last big climb on Staats Road!). And the conditions were good -- wind helped us more than it hurt us, and only a few stray sprinkles along the way. All in all, a good day. ..."

Rick Carpenter returned from somewhere south of the Mason Dixon line to clip in again with us and reunite with some long-time friends.  Rick writes: "...The turnout of so many familiar faces made this ride quite special to me, particularly as it was almost exactly five years ago that I rode my first Brevet - Tom’s ACP “PA 200K”, hosted from the Weisel Youth Hostel back then.  Oh Boy, I can recall my nervousness, trepidation, and excitement leading into this event as if it was yesterday - this being my longest ride ever, and the start in meeting all my qualifiers for entering 2007 PBP.  And having Tom’s and Laurent’s guidance and support throughout made me realize how unique this sport of Randonneuring is.

As often happens during a new venture, a special camaraderie developed between a small group of us; Joe Brown, George Metzler, John Fuoco, and myself.  The four of us anxiously looked forward to seeing what Tom had planned next for us - all the routes were fresh, unknown, and exciting; and of longer and longer distances - yikes!  What fun we had battling rain and wind, rollers and steeps, barking dogs and those other nighttime ‘creature’ rustlings, Pavelka pulling us all through Hawks Nest, eagerly downing cheeseburgers in Wallenpaupack, yacking then losing track & getting lost, racing each other up hills, tucking into those daring descents on Millbrook & Little Gap.  Good stuff.

Seeing this same excitement and enthusiasm yesterday in our randonneurs is truly magical - what a great group!  Whether it’s watching Geoff’s amazing talent in action breaking every ride time, or enjoying Nigel’s & Shane’s essays and pictorial documentation, or cheering-on Ixsa’s tireless efforts and pleasing demeanor, the challenge, enjoyment, and camaraderie shines through.  I wish you all the same rich experiences I’ve come to know from this sport. ..."
Rick's photo album is posted here:

Special thanks to volunteer Don Jagel, who came up with the Blue Mountain 200k route concept.  Don also completed a volunteer preride and staffed the finish controle

And speaking of volunteers, I'm still looking for help on the following events:
300k (May 5)
400k (May 19)
600k (June 2)
1000k (August 17)
Volunteers may pre-ride an event up to 15 days in advance (which allows you to cherry pick a good day for riding, I might add).  Please drop me a note if you can step up to help out.

If you have any other comments or photos to share, you can forward them to me or post them on the message board.

The next event on the Eastern PA calender is the Fleche team event, scheduled for the week after Easter:
And the week after that, will be the inaugural Silver Spring 200k, compliments of organizers Andrew Mead and George Metlzer:
George has kindly offered to host a post-ride BBQ at Cafe Metzler in Atglen.  In the the next week or so, the start/finish controles are going to be changed in order to make it more convenient to take part in the post-ride festivities; so be sure to check the message board and website for updates.

Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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