Friday, March 16, 2012

Blue Mountain 200k

*** Update 1 (3/19/12) ***
Don Jagel completed a volunteer preride this past weekend.  Don reports:

"...I could not have had better weather for a mid-March ride.  After the fog burned off, it was sunny with a light breeze for the remainder of the day. I hope the weather is similar next weekend.  When I left Milford in the morning it was quite foggy.  I would recommend that riders be prepared for morning fog in the river valley.  Lights may be a good idea, even for the fast riders that will finish well before dark. You must have spent a fair amount of time scouting the new sections of the route between Wind Gap and Danielsville.  The cue sheet was excellent along the new portions of the route, as well as the areas that you have used for previous brevets.
Items of note:

1)  I stopped in Miller's Market in Danielsville at the southeast corner of 946 and Blue Mountain Drive.  I spoke with Lynn (owner), and she was very nice and happy to accommodate us.  They open at 8:00 AM on Saturdays.  I think this is a better stop than the Shell Station. 

2) A portion of Cherry Valley Road is closed between Rt. 191 and Water Gap because of a road collapse (see attached photo).  Cherry Valley Road is blocked at the intersection of Cherry Valley Road and Greenbriar Road (Mile 80.7) (there is a street sign for Greenbriar Road at the intersection).  Riders should follow the detour by turning left onto Greenbriar Road, then turn Right onto Stone House Road, then left (SS) onto Cherry Valley Road.

3) Sweet Hollow Road is officially closed as you mentioned.  The actual barricaded section is very short, and it is no big deal to walk around the barricades.  When I went through I noticed quite a few bike tracks suggesting that a number of people do go around the barricades.  I think it would be OK to keep the route along Sweet Hollow Road, as long as you mention that riders will have to walk around the barricades."

The cuesheet has been updated to Draft 3 dated 3/19/12 with the following changes:
1) New controle location (Miller's Market) in Danielsville
2) Cherry Valley detour just before Water Gap

As Don noted, we're in a weather pattern with early morning fog, and there is a chance of some rain in the long range forecast -- both situations will require that you have lights and reflective gear.

I'm hoping to take one more look at the course on Wednesday for my own volunteer preride.  Be sure to monitor the website for any last minute changes or updates.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA 

*** Original Post ***
The Blue Mountain 200k is scheduled for Saturday, March 24.  Event details have been posted at:

The cuesheet has recently been updated to draft 2 with a couple of minor clarifications and corrections.  However, there is some major road construction on Sweet Hollow Road  -- there's a good chance we're going to have to reroute around this construction project, so be sure to check back on the website and message board for updates.

The start/finish is in Milford, NJ and as noted on the webpage, permission has been granted to us to use the parking lot off of Church St.  (The parking lot is owned by the Medical Supply business that moved into the old bakery location, and they are closed on the weekends).  Breakfast sandwiches and baked goods are available at the Bakery start controle.  The finish controle is next door at Pipolo's Pizza. 

If you're planning to join the Rider Roster, please let me know (via email)  by Thursday, 3/22.

*** Rider Roster as of 3/22 ***
Ron Anderson
Barbara Anderson
Gavin Biebuyck
Joe A Brown
Clar Beiler
Larry E Brenize
Geoff Brunner
Rick Carpenter
Laurent Chambard
Jonathan Clamp
Frederick R Collins
Dawn Engstrom
Matthew Farrell 
Joe Fillip
William Fischer
John Fuoco
Nigel Greene
Timothy Guscott
Doug  Haluza
Jud Hand
Steve Harding
Guy Harris
Cynthia Hearing
Donald Jagel
Mary Johnson
Eric Keller
Chris Knight
Robin C Landis
Mike Lutz
George Metzler
Chris Nadovich
Bill Olsen
Tom Rosenbauer
Chris Roth
Norman Smeal
Bob Torres
Len Zawodniak

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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