Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready for Spring?

Spring is right around the corner, are you ready?

The first spring event on the Eastern PA 2012 schedule is a brand new course starting out of Milford, NJ on March 24th: the Blue Mountain 200k.  Special thanks to Don Jagel for suggesting the new route.  Event details and registration have been posted at:

And speaking of new courses, Andrew Mead has created a brand new one starting out of Gap, PA.  The Silver Spring 200k will be the April R-12 event.  Event details have been posted at:

Between the March and April 200k's, the Eastern PA Fleche will be offered the weekend after Easter.  I've already have heard from 5 teams that have started making plans.  Route submissions from team captains are due by April 1, so freshly minted PBP anciens looking to complete an R-5000 series still have a chance to complete their fleche event this year.  Event details have been posted at:

Even though it's been a rather mild winter so far, there's nothing like a good solid week of riding to jump start your cycling season.  There's still time to register for a PAC Tour desert camp:
... these camps typically fill up pretty quickly, so if you're thinking of going, don't wait too long to register.

John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach, authors of Distance Cycling, are presenting a free webinar: Kickstart Your Century and 200K Training

They'll provide detailed information about how you should prepare for a first or next century or 200K including how to improve performance. You'll learn how to build baseline endurance through cycling, cross-training, strength and flexibility activities. You'll then learn how to train specifically to peak for an event(s). Along the way you'll learn how to fuel your training and rides.  You can also ask questions.  The free webinar is:
Thursday, March 29
11:00 a.m. - 12 noon CDT
More information and register here:

One local PA Randonneur who definitely  is ready for spring is Geoff Brunner, who is busy training and making preparations for RAAM this year.  Geoff is looking for 2 additional crew members to round out his team, and is hoping to recruit someone from the randonneuring community.  If interested or have any questions, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with Geoff.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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