Monday, April 25, 2022

Water Gap Revisited 300/200K -- Ride Report

The second event in the 2022 Super Randonneur Series, the Water Gap Revisited 200/300K, started and finished at a new and unique location, and revisited a traditional PA Rando brevet route up through the Delaware Water Gap and Delaware National Recreation Area.    Of those that clipped in at the start/finish at Flint Hill Farm,  23 of the 23 completed the 300K course, and 10 of 10 completed the 200K course, all within the time limit. This was an overall 100% completion rate -- not a small achievement for such a "scenic" course. Congratulations and well-done to all!  Preliminary results have been posted for the 200K and the 300K.  Please review the results and let me know if they align with your memory.  The results will be submitted to RUSA after review and will become official once certified.


The new start location, Flint Hill Farm, turned out to be a fascinating venue for a brevet event. Situated at over 1000 ft elevation, atop the second highest hill in the county (the highest hill being 1500 ft Blue Mountain),  the Flint Hill start/finish provided a screaming descent as an overture, and a soul-sucking climb as a finale. Finishing riders could ride directly into the giant arena building to be applauded by the congregation of riders and volunteers as they grumbled about *##)!@#)$#*&&@! Peppermint Rd. 

Riders reported the slightest sprinkle of rain early on, but otherwise partly sunny skies, light wind, and cool temperatures making it a fine day to ride a bike. The field was divided as to which hill was the most accursed. Peppermint received considerable scorn, as did Geigle Hill and Staats.  Old Mine had some dishonorable mention. 

Several new randonneurs completed their first 300K. One rider, Alex Estes, finished this 300K as his first brevet ever. Welcome to randonneuring, Alex, awesome start, but, just so you know, Alex, you DO need to ride a shorter ACP event for the SR medal.

Two tandem teams were in the field. The Gaffney's finished the 300K in good style as usual.  And we were happy to see the recovering Jurczynski team return to ride in their second PA event, completing the 200K.

Team Gaffney

A big thank you to volunteer Jeff Lippincott, who ran registration at the start, and spent the whole day Saturday checking-in  most of the finishing riders from both events. Jeff also helped set up gear, including the portable shower with propane heater that campers could use.  

Jeff checking-in riders as plywood cow reflects.

Additional thanks are due to Nick Manta, who assisted with set up, bike inspection, check-in of later returning 300K riders, and stayed to the bitter end to welcome the last 300K rider and assist the organizer with tearing down, stowing all the gear, and turning off the lights.

George Retseck assisted with check in and bike inspection, but more importantly, George conducted "rando concierge" duties Friday night, directing cars to parking, welcoming and guiding people to their campsites in the woods, and to bunks in the farmhouse. As most people had never been to Flint Hill Farm before, a volunteer concierge was needed.  George will be on his transcontinental tour for the next events at Flint Hill; I hope someone who now knows Flint Hill will volunteer to take his place next time as Friday night concierge. 

Welcoming committee after lights out.


Thanks to Tom Rosenbauer who did roving guardian angel support on the course. 

A final thanks goes to Bill Fischer, who donated some tasty beverages that were enjoyed by many at the finish.   

Sean Keesler created an excellent video report of his experience. 



As Flint Hill  is a working farm, there are animals everywhere. Certainly a unique aspect of this start/finish. 

Yes, real chickens too.

Cecilie and Pat Gaffney write....

Thanks to you, Nick, Jeff, and (any other volunteers that we are missing) for putting on a great ride this past Saturday.  A really nice route and one of the harder finishing stretches in recent memory made it all the more memorable.  We really enjoyed Flint Hill Farms as the start/finish, though knowing how high up it is loomed large all day as we knew there would be no  coasting into the finish.  Thanks again, see you at the 400.

Join PA Randonneurs again at Flint Hill on May 14th as our 2022 SR Series continues with the New Blue Redeux 400K, and the all new Hexenkopf Hill 200K.

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