Monday, April 4, 2022

Eastern PA Fleche Final Instructions

Your route and brevet card are approved. You are good to go for the fleche. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to have a successful ride.   


- Be familiar with the rules. and the general info and tips     

- Print brevet cards for EVERYONE on your team. Everyone should carry and fill out their cards (very important if you are split up). But only one set of receipts/photos etc for the whole team are requierd.

- If you have postcard controls, bring a few extra postcards in case you need to split or get off route, but only one postcard needs to be mailed (signed by all members of the team).

- Parking at Keystone Fri/Sat is on street only. Fold your mirror in as it's a narrow street.

- If possible, please share a tracking URL with me before you depart, at least one tracker per team.


- Everyone carries and completes a brevet card, but only one proof of passage is required per team at each control. So one photo, one postcard, one receipt....

- If you have a POSTCARD control, the postcard should clearly show the team name and be addressed to

  PA Randonneurs 
  1700 Sullivan Trail     
  Easton, PA 18040-8333  

- IF you have a PHOTO control, please text/email the photo to me (rando at, 267-218-0418) when you reach the control.  ALl riders and bikes and something identifyable at the control should appear in the photo. If necessary, take multiple photos.

- If any/all team members need to abandon, please let me know immediately at 267-218-0418 

- Remember you need proof being at the 22 hour control at or AFTER the end of hour 22. That means you need to get your timestamped receipt or photo AFTER the 23rd hour begins, when you have exactly or slightly less than 2 hours to ride the last 25 km.


- There are no showers at Keystone, but there are 10+ bathrooms for freshening up. - We will have a few places to lay down and nap on Sunday after the event, but not many.  If you live any distance away, do not drive yourself home. Either be a passenger of someone who didn't ride all night, or book a room somewhere in Philly so you can grab some sleep before attempting to drive. On Sunday there may be other sleeping options at or near Keystone, but I don't know about them at this time.


Have a great ride!                                                                                                                                                                  

Chris Nadovich     

PA Randonneurs            

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