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Flint Hill Farm / Water Gap 200/300K Brevet -- Notes

The Flint Hill Farm Start Finish

There are several things to be aware of when you are visiting Flint Hill Farm. We are here for the first time and I want to make a good impression so they'll invite us back.

  • This is a working farm with animals. Expect encounters with ducks, chickens, horses, cows, deer, foxes, cats, dogs, and more. Please treat animals with respect. Do not feed them or interact with them unnecessarily. 
  • Close any gates you open.
  • Please confine your activities to the parking area or Arena building, unless you booked a bed in the farmhouses. 
  • There is ample lighting outdoors to be able to do most things at night without the need of a flashlight or headlamp -- but bring one anyway.
  • The bathrooms in the Farmhouse and Blacksmith Shop are only for those who are staying in those locations. All other guests should use the Port-o-johns by the arena and farm store.
  • Bikes can be stored in the arena. Many of the wire fences outside are ELECTRIFIED!! Do not lean your bikes on wire fences.  

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Registration, start/finish meals, and preferred indoor camping will be available in the arena building. This will be the center of activity for the events. 

Arena Building

If you booked a bed at Flint Hill

When you first arrive, a volunteer will guide you to your bunk. You will be staying either in the farmhouse or the blacksmith shop on the North side of the farm. Go through the gate next to the farm store (and close it!). The farmhouse is down the steps to your left and the Blacksmith Shop is the next building beyond to the right. 

Bed assignments will be first come first served with the queen-size beds preferred for couples willing to share a bed.

There will be bedding and pillows available, but you might be wise to bring your own pillow, and maybe a sleeping bag, if you don't like the bedding you find, or we run out of pillows. 

Be aware that the plumbing and sewer systems are very limited in these old buildings. The farmhouse has a flush toilet, but the blacksmith shop has a non-flush composting toilet -- you might be more comfortable using the port-o-potty out by the arena. Please avoid using the bathroom in the farmhouse if you are not staying in the farmhouse. 

Because of the limited well capacity, showers in the buildings must be limited to farmhouse/blacksmith shop  guests only. Please keep them short. 

You are welcome to eat or cook in the Farmhouse or Blacksmith Shop kitchens. Please clean up after yourself. 

If you are camping

The primary camping area is in the back section inside the arena building (the largest big red building). Enter the arena through the big doors, then walk around the right side of the sand covered arena all the way to the back section. This is all under the arena roof for easy setup in the rain and a short walk to registration in the front section of the arena. 

  • You may set up camp inside one of the arena stalls for extra privacy, or camp out in the main area in front of the stalls by the wagon. 
  • DO NOT enter the sand arena, or camp there, or use it in any other way -- you know what I mean.
  • Please use the port-o-potty in the front of the arena for your needs.
  • Water is available several places in the arena. Ask a volunteer to direct you.
  • There are electric outlets all along the walls that can be used for charging your devices. 
  • To provide hot showers for the campers, we are setting up a shower enclosure and changing room next to the Arena Building. 

You may also primitive-camp in the woods out by the A-Frame (on in the A-Frame) on the East side of the farm. Take the road past the arena and between the two big fields, turning left at the grassy lane. Enter the woods. A volunteer will direct you if necessary. Please leave no trace.  

A-Frame in the woods

Course Notes

A pre ride of the Water Gap 300K was conducted on Friday 15 April by Nicholas Manta, and of the 200K on 16 April by Chris Nadovich and Jeff Lippincott.

As a result of this pre-ride, the cues and RWGPS files have been revised. 

  • For the 200K, the last revision of the RWGPS route was 2022-04-17 11:25:25 EDT and the cuesheet is version 8.
  • For the 300K, the last revision of the RWGPS route was 2022-04-17 11:27:20 EDT and the cuesheet is version 6.

Please be careful at the very beginning of the ride -- descending down from Flint Hill on Forest Rd and Passer Rd.  These are FAST downhills that abruptly reach stop-signs. There will be deer and other wildlife, not counting the flock of bike riders still squirrely from the early morning start. BE CAREFUL!

There are two major road closures. 

  • Route 611 south out of  Water Gap is closed because of road subsidence and other problems. It's wonderfully devoid of cars and I found it safer than usual for cycling, even with the extra debris. 
  • A similar situation exists  on Riverton Rd beginning with the hairpin at the top of the descent from River Rd into Belvidere. I saw slightly more debris than usual, easier than usual to avoid for the lack of auto traffic. 

At mile 172 (on the 300) and  110 (on the 200), Quarry Rd is unpaved. The surface is hard packed dirt with coarse gravel. This is suitable for slightly less than most tires. If you are unsure, please walk your bike, especially on the steep climb section or if rain makes the road muddy. 

There are several wooden bridges. The wood surfaces can be slick if wet. 

Climbing on this course is somewhat back-loaded. Don't burn all your matches on the likes of Blue Mountain, Millbrook, Staats, Harmony, or even Geigel Hill. Save something for Peppermint and the last little grunt.

Have a great ride! 


Chris Nadovich

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