Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hawk's Nest 200k Ride Report

Preliminary results for the Hawk's Nest 200k have been posted at:
... please let me know of any corrections or other issues. Results will be sent to RUSA later today, and then become final, pending ACP approval.

Given the very hot and humid weather this past month, there couldn't be too many complaints with the manageable weather conditions.  Temperatures were a couple degrees above normal, but the low humidity was a welcome relief, and the winds out of the northwest sped the riders along Towpath Rd and Rt 97.  All of the 20 riders who clipped in for this event, including yours truly who did the pre-ride earlier in the week, made it around the course in good time for another 100% finish rate.  Congratulations to everyone for an excellent result. 

Of note, first-time Eastern PA participant, Bryan Nelson completed his SR series -- congratulations, and well done!  Bryan was accompanied by fellow Maryland rider, Clint Provenza.  Over the past couple of years, Clint has done a great job of promoting our sport of randonneuring with his local Severna Park Peloton bike club:

I originally had Mary Johnson also listed as a first-time Eastern PA participant, until Rick Carpenter pointed out " ...This is technically Mary’s 2nd PAR completion.  Mary and I rode-in together from Layton to the finish, and during one of our converastions found that she did her first brevet some four years ago with PAR.  Coincidentally, Mary and I rode our first brevets ever together on your 31 Mar 2007 Eastern PA ACP 200; how cool is that!..."

First finisher, Don Jagel writes: "...Thanks for putting together the Hawks Nest Brevet today.  Also, Great Thanks to Len for popping up everywhere throughout the day to sign brevet cards and provide much needed water, always with a smile.  ...The weather was about perfect for a late July ride.  I spent much of the day riding on and off with Rick C, Jon C, and John C, which allowed for some good company and conversation.  .... The best thing about the Old Mine Road climb today was the slight lowering of temperature and a cooling breeze at the top of the climb.  Unfortunately the cool breeze disappeared upon reaching the bottom of the hill on the other side. ... One final note for those that like cheeseburgers.  Rick got a burger at the Layton General Store.  The thing was a monster that had to be cut in half just to allow it to be picked up with two hands. ... Everyone's help in continually putting together and executing wonderful rides is really appreciated...."

Shane Beake writes: "...Thanks for another great running of the tried and tested Hawks Nest 200.  Big thank you to Lenny for taking his whole day to volunteer!!! ..."
And once again, Shane has posted a bunch of great pictures at:
... it seems that Shane manages to capture new details of the route, each time he rides it!

If you have any other comments or pictures to share, you can forward them to me or post them on the message board.

Special thanks to the volunteers who stepped up to help make this event a success:
Len Zawodniak (on-road support all day!!)
Bill Olsen (R-12 Organizer, finish controle)
... without volunteers like these who step up to the call for support, it would simply not be possible to run these events!

Next up, we'll be running the Hawk's Nest 200k again in 2 weeks on August 13th ... with the prospect of a continuation of the hot summer we've had, this is the best option for shaded roads and cooler temperatures.  However, I'm looking at some extensive route tweaks to:
- avoid some rough pavement between Promised Land and Hawley
- avoid some rough pavement (and traffic) on Rt 97

Drop me a note if you plan to clip-in, and stay tuned for updates.

Tom Rosenbauer 
Eastern PA RBA

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