Monday, August 8, 2011

August R-12: Revised Hawks Nest 200k

We'll be headed back to Hawk's Nest for the  August 13th R-12 event.  But this edition has some extensive route changes to avoid some deteriorating roads and some of the heavy traffic on Rt 97.  Organizer Bill Olsen, along with volunteers George Metzler and Bill Blank, completed a preride of the revised course last weekend, and  Bill's preride report below highlights the changes for you.

For those of you headed to PBP, this will be a good chance to get in a final shake down ride before heading to Paris .  Best of luck to all the PA Randonneurs clipping-in for the Big Ride -- I'm confident that the Eastern PA series has prepared you well.  Unfortunately, one long-time Eastern PA participant, John Fuoco, will not be making it to the starting line this year.  His medical condition that was recently diagnosed, is a sobering reminder of how tenuous life can be.  John is a two-time PBP finisher, and in the true Ancien spirit of leading the way for those to follow, has offered his insights posted at this link:
... Thanks John for your good insights, and on behalf of all the PA Randonneurs, we'll be pulling for you to have a complete recovery. 

So far, I've heard from the following riders who plan to clip-in:
- Bill Blank (volunteer preride)
- George Metzler (volunteer preride)
- Chris Nadovich
- Patrick O'Donnell
- Bill Olsen (organizer)
- Tom Rosenbauer (RBA)
- Lisa Sracatino

... if you'd like to join the roster, please drop me a note.

-Tom Rosenbauer, RBA

*** Volunteer Preride Report ***
George Metzler, Bill Blank and I completed a pre-ride of the revised Hawks Nest route on Saturday, 8/6. The humidity was near saturation for most of the ride but fortunately the temperatures held off until early afternoon when we were able to reach the shaded sections of Old Mine Road. George and Bill made it in before the rain but I found that the humidity gradually increased until it reached oversaturation and I was rewarded with a cooling drizzle for the last couple of miles into Water Gap.
For the August 13th Hawks Nest 200K those who are familiar with the previous route will be pleased to see the extensive revisions Tom has made to avoid some rough pavement between Promised Land and Hawley and avoid some rough pavement (and traffic) on Rt. 97. An added benefit of these changes is even more shaded roads and the additional climbing as one gets away from the exposed stretch of the Delaware south of Barryville is only 500 feet which really isn't all that bad (coming from someone who you all KNOW does not like climbing). I couldn't believe it but in checking Delorme after the ride I found that although one gains altitude leaving the new Eldred controle, the overall elevation gain is the same as the lumps on 97 that come on the section between Barryville and Pond Eddy. I especially enjoyed the long downhill as Rt. 31 rejoined Rt. 97 just before the Hawks Nest bump - but watch your speed as there is a stop sign at the end of the downhill. :-(
Although you'll still pass the River Market in Barryville, you need not worry about stopping for refreshments as The Corner controle 5 miles up the road in Eldred has a good selection of ice cream and beverages that will get you through to either Muller's Port Jervis Diner or the Layton Country Store. For those of you that didn't ride with us on July 30th, the Layton Country Store is under new management and in addition to having a better hours, a wider selection of items from the grill, the burgers and tuna subs will definitely fill you up!
Things to be aware of for Saturday:
- The 4-mile stretch of fresh chip seal starting at Canedesis that was being laid down when Tom rode the pre-ride on the 27th has been fully cleaned up. They must have used a roller on one of the warm days last week as the exposed stones that we experienced on the 30th have been smoothed into the pavement so that the resulting surface is just a "normal" chip and seal. They've also repainted the lines along the road and demarcated the shoulder for that section.
- The new route on Rt. 507 (Lake Wallenpaupack Road) has a couple of areas where the previous winter frost heaves have not yet been repaired. We're only on this road for a mile an a half and it isn't a problem if traffic is light but if you're riding in a group, you might want to give some additional spacing.
- At Hawk's Nest, road construction continues that has the road closed to a single lane with a temporary traffic light. The single lane is rather long and the light is a bit on the short side. But you'll have a enough time to clear the construction if you wait for the light to turn from red to green. I found that even when I waited to let all of the cars that were line pass me go ahead (so they didn't have to maneuver around me) I had plenty of time to make it though the construction and well out beyond the waiting line of oncoming traffic before the light changed.
- If you've never been across the Rt. 80 bridge near Water Gap, it's a little bit tricky. Please see the note that Tom provided for last month's ride for details on the crossing:

The Water Gap Diner will be opening at 6AM if you'd like to top off with a good breakfast before the start. I've let them know to expect us.
We'll see you Saturday.

Bill Olsen, Organizer

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