Friday, July 8, 2011

Pennsylvania Randonneurs Wool Jersey

*** Update #1 (7/8/11) ***
Today is the last day to get your PA Randonneurs jersey order in ... we just need a few more orders to reach the minimum quantities.  So if you've been meaning to get around to ordering one, today's your last chance.  You can e-mail Shane Beake, who will be happy to take your order.

*** Original Post ***

PA Randonneurs is pleased to announce the availability of a high quality Woolistic jersey.  The jersey is available in either long or short sleeves for the regular wool jersey (same as the EM1240 and RUSA offerings) or a new light weight wool summer jersey (short sleeves only).  Please submit your order form:
... by June 26.  July 14 July 8 (Final Day! -- we need a few more orders for the minimum quantity)

Special thanks to Shane Beake, for designing the jersey and coordinating this project!  Please contact Shane
 for additional details or if you have any questions.  Sample jerseys will be available for sizing at upcoming events.


  1. Great job on the jersey, Shane. Very stylish. I'm ordering the lightweight version. Thanks for all the effort.