Monday, June 27, 2011

June Events Ride Report

Preliminary results for the June 25 600k 200k have been posted at:
... and for the June 26 200k at:
... please let me know of any corrections or other issues. Results will be sent to RUSA later today, and then become final, pending ACP approval.

Despite nearly ideal conditions, and essentially the same course and many of the same riders who contributed to a 100% completion rate for the May 600k, only 3 of 9 riders completed the June 25 600k.  The DNF fever spread struck at the Water Gap Diner.  The 33% completion rate makes the completion rate for the EM1240k, where slightly less than half of the starters made it around the course in 2009, look pretty good in comparison.

For the inaugural New Holland 200k, all 22 starters made it around the course in very good time.  Of note, Roy Yates completed his Eastern PA Super Randonneur series, and joined the PA Honor Roll -- congratulations, and well done!

Once again, Shane Beake has chronicled the event with a photo album posted here:

Bill Olsen writes: "...Thanks for the great 600K.  The first 400K offers some of the best cycling NE PA/West Jersey has to offer, and the French Creek route is always a crowd pleaser. ... While I always wondered why we rode 191instead of going up Woodale Drive after Cherry Lane now I know, although I'm not sure the reward of descending Circle H Road was worth all that climbing....Those who missed the new routing up Lehnenberg to avoid Buckwumpum will be in for a treat.  The quiet back-roads are a good alternative to 611 - without an excessive cost to bay for the reward..."

Walt Pettigrew writes: "...thanks once again for a great 200k. ...could this be a record for one of your rides with at least 20 riders and all finish in under 10 hours?"  [Yes, I think this is indeed is a first! -Tom R.]

If you have any other comments or pictures to share, you can forward them to me or post them on the message board.

Special thanks to the many volunteers who stepped up to help out for this busy weekend:
- Christine Newman (Hostel setup and 600k start)
- Guy Harris (Course sweep Saturday night)
- Don Jagel (Volunteer pre-ride and overnight controle)
- Chris Nadovich (overnight controle)
- Andrew Mead (200k start and Sunday course sweep)
- Glenn Ammons (Hostel finish controle)
... without volunteers like these who step up to the call for support, it would simply not be possible to run these events!

Tom Rosenbauer 
Eastern PA RBA


  1. My first PA event!

    Thanks for accommodating me at the last minute, Tom. And thanks to Shane for documenting as usual. Apart from a few mechanicals, it was a beautiful ride. Hope to be back on some more PA events!


  2. This my first time to break 10 hr in 200k. Houston let me drafting on the way to New Holland, which saved me lots of energy (headwind).

    Thanks for the volunteers. I really appreciate it.

  3. Oops. Got the name wrong. It might be Joe. :P