Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ride Report: Holiday Inn Hollywood 200K

Preliminary results for the inaugural running of the Holiday Inn Hollywood 200K brevet, have been posted on the PA Rando website.  Record high temperatures turned what should have been a cream-puff of a brevet (by PA standards) into a rather difficult affair, as only 6 of the 8 not-heat-acclimated starters finished under the time limit for a 75% completion rate. Congratulations to the finishers and chapeau to all who attempted this event in such hot weather. Please review the results and let me know if something doesn't agree with your recollections.  The results will be submitted to RUSA for certification later on and become final at that time. 

Adam Bowen was riding his first brevet ever. Welcome to randonneuring, Adam!

Daniel Cummings and Oleksiy Guslyakov were riding their first PA brevet. Congratulations on your excellent rides and welcome to Pennsylvania! 

Rando veterans Bob Torres and George Retseck also completed the course in good time. Kathleen Casner had some trouble with the heat and abandoned the brevet in Pineville. Her riding partner Scott Franzen abandoned with her out of comradeship.  

Kathleen and Scott broiled medium rare.

The New Hope control was staffed by yours truly. I found a lovely niche to set up on the side of the road in the shade by a creek.

Despite a helmet glowing red-hot from the record high temperatures, "What heat?" says first finisher Daniel Cummings, pausing for some water and V8 at the New Hope roadside control.

Volunteer Steve Schoenfelder did the pre-ride which involved some on-the-fly rerouting around invisible roads. Steve again went out on the course the day before the event to verify the continued existence of the war torn bridge in Wassergas. After getting up at 2AM Saturday to make coffee for the cranky organizer of the 600K (an event running in parallel with this 200), and after assisting him with the 4AM start of the 600K, Steve ran the start control for this 200, darted out onto the course to staff the Tabora control, and then darted back to the hotel to deal with the caterer of the 600K food and staff the finish for the 200. Steve also did a bunch of other stuff, too extensive to list.  Thanks Steve for your indefatigable support of PA Randonneurs. 

With the Pennsylvania SR series now in the history books, we turn back to our traditional summer events that head into the higher elevations seeking some relief from the heat. Next month it's the Hawk's Nest 200K using the Bushkill Falls approach. Information is on the PA Randonneurs Website. Hope to see you there.


Brevet Organizer

Chris Nadovich

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  1. Chris, Steve, brevet organization was absolutely stellar - much better than I've expected. Thank you!

    I've had a pleasure to enjoy George's and Adam's companionship and support throughout the hardest times of the ride which came after 100 mile mark (which is not a surprise though:).

    Special thanks to George who demonstrated confidence and shared his experience.

    I'll see you guys on the next ride!