Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Holiday Inn Hollywood 200K -- Course Notes

On 31 May a pre-ride of the Holiday Inn Hollywood 200K course was completed by Steve Schoenfelder. Based on his observations, the route has been updated. The latest cuesheet is version 6 and the latest RWGPS was last modified 2021-06-2 08:08:39 EDT. You will find these, along with other important information on the event web site

The following are some visual notes from the course:

Mile 9.1, bridge out on Lower Saucon Rd (view looking backward after crossing the bridge). You'd better hope that this bridge is still passable because the detour using Apple Rd and Alpine Dr has a big climb.

Mile 14.4 Knechts Covered Bridge:  the longitudinal boards have some big tire-eating gaps near the  entrance.  Please walk your bike across this bridge and the extra-bumpy Sherd's Mill bridge at mile 22.5.

Mile 28.7, W Schwenkmill Rd, metal grate bridge

Mile 61.5, mailbox control near Hollywood, hidden in shadows before the CVS. 

Mile 62.3, Pennypack Trail Entrance. This is a multi-use trail and can be crowded. Please be respectful of other trail users. Give wide berth to pedestrians, particularly those wearing sombreros.

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