Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hawk's Nest (Bushkill) 200K -- Course Notes (updated)

*** Update 1

Another pre-ride was conducted on 5 July by Chris Nadovich. Some small tweaks to the course were made as a result. The latest cuesheet is version 6 and the latest RWGPS route was modified 2021-07-5 10:53:38 EDT. Full information about this event, as well as online registration, is available on the Event Web Site.

The main change was to use Community Drive at mile 9.5 rather than the segment of US 209. This is the original routing. US 209 was used as a detour for a while (years!) as Community Drive was blocked by numerous tree falls. Now Community Drive is open again. There are a few potholes (not even half as bad as what you'll see on Old Minefield Rd). And it's quiet and pretty -- better than riding on US 209.  

Speaking of rough road, the very end of Railroad Ave -- the segment after the Pump Track -- is rougher than I remember it. The summer plant growth makes the exit at the yellow gateposts harder to see.  Keep a sharp eye for that exit or you will need to switch to a rail bike.

*** Original Post

On 6/19 a pre-ride of the Hawks Nest (Bushkill Approach) 200K route was completed by Bill Fisher and Gavin Biebuyck. The cue sheet is spot on with no corrections contemplated. Full information about this event, as well as online registration, is available on the Event Web Site.

Notes on services:

Services are rather limited for the first 60 miles. The Pickerel Inn General Store at mile 25 is open and has convenience store items which you can purchase after browsing their collection of live bait and ammo (spoiler alert, 30-06 shotgun shells are on sale). Sadly the 402 Café (Control 3) fell victim to Covid and appears to be permanently closed. The route organizer will have water and ice for riders.

Port Jervis is an open control with the excellent Riverside Creamery noted on the cue sheet. There is a slop sink in the bathroom of Riverside Creamery for convenient bottle refilling. If riders need additional provisions, Woogie’s Deli is 1 block off route at the corner of US209/Pike St. and King St.

Road Notes:

Traffic on SR402 from mile 24-39 is a little heavier than optimal but the shoulder is generally adequate. After enduring that stretch, riders will enjoy beautiful roads following Decker Creek and the Lackawaxen River.

The Climb to and after Eldred (Control 4) was as challenging as ever; fortunately both The Corner and Peck’s Market are open for business.

The Old Mine Climb at mile 110 has been made somewhat less painful with the recent repaving work. Unfortunately, the last few miles of Old Mine Rd. continues to deteriorate and is rapidly approaching the status of Old Minefield Rd.; be cautious while picking your way around the potholes as you return to the Water Gap.

For riders that have not crossed the I-80 bridge; after crossing under I-80, look to your left and you’ll see a hand rail marking the ramp up to the bridge. At the end of the handrail you’ll take a sharp left to proceed up the ramp and onto the bridge. 

The picture below shows the ramp on the left, which is in between the road you will be traveling (on the right) and Rt 80 (far left):

Ramp up to the I-80 Bridge

You will be facing on-coming traffic as you go across the bridge. This can be somewhat harrowing. It's a very long bridge, which is part of the Appalachian Trail.


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