Monday, April 16, 2018

Water Gap 300k Results: What Happened to Spring?

Preliminary results for the Water Gap 300k have been posted on the website: . These will be submitted this week and become official pending ACP certification.

The roller coaster weather patterns continued with Saturday's ride occurring on a definite upswing in temperatures.  Saturday's high crested 80 F across most of the region accompanied by clear skies and bright sunshine.  Winds help cool riders, but also required more effort.

First finisher Jimmy Aspras sent this:

Just wanted to thank you and all of the volunteers for putting on the ride yesterday.

It was a pretty tough ride relative to last year. It was the first truly hot day of the year, and this coupled with a decent headwind on the way out and back made for slower times and a brutal ride. I rode most of the day with Chris Errico, and it was a blast. He was a bit faster than me especially after our attack on the headwinds on Route 209, and we ended up splitting off right before the climb up Old Mine Road. We joined forces again at the Citgo in Bloomsbury and made it back to the hostel together a couple hours later, exhausted and spent.

Of note were the wild temperature swings in the morning. It was hot taking off from the hostel, but the ups and downs left me shivering and wishing I had brought gloves. I also saw more deer on this ride than any other ride I've ever done. At one point right as the sun was starting to come up, we startled a group of 7 deer that ran alongside of us in a field for about 100 yards. It was one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile.

Another interesting element of the ride was the bridge that was unexpectedly gone on the way into Delaware Water Gap (picture attached). Fortunately, there was a temporary bridge that allowed
everyone safe passage.

Thanks again and I'll see everyone next weekend.

Gilbert Torres sent this picture from Flats Deli, allegedly "right before the heat started to beat us."

Thanks again to the volunteer team of Chris Nadovich, Bill Olsen, Jeff Lippincott, and Patrick & Cecile Gaffney.  This crew made sure that the cue sheet was spot on (missing bridge above notwithstanding), registration and results made it to me, riders were well fed, and the hostel cleaned and ready for our use next weekend.  Be sure to thank them next time you see them.

Next up is the PA Flèche.  Ten teams will make their way back to the hostel for a celebratory breakfast on Sunday.  After that is the PA 400k, the Blue Cinco de Mayo 400k on May 5.  Registration will open soon.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

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