Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 PA Randonneurs Flèche

The 11th Annual PA Randonneurs Flèche was by all accounts a success.  Ten of ten teams qualified and only one rider failed to reach the Weisel Hostel finish.  Well done everyone!  Preliminary results have been posted on the website at: and will be submitted to RUSA in the coming week.

The weather cooperated keeping teams dry, only slightly cold overnight, and generally happy upon arrival. Winds were not so much of a factor this year which contributed to happy randonneurs.  Most teams enjoyed well-known routes which minimized bonus miles.  A few teams discovered the need to fully verify what businesses offer under the guise of "24 hour operations" as a couple reported only drive-thru service being open at their controls.  With several teams criss-crossing southern New Jersey, reports of team sightings were also common as teams relaxed after their rides.

A HUGE thank you goes to Jane & Joe Brown for once again preparing the spread that riders enjoyed on Sunday.  I don't believe anyone left hungry.  Thanks also to Jeff Lippincott and Chris Nadovich for helping with the setup and cleanup at the hostel.  Many hands make light work and all was back to normal by 11.

We will return to the hostel in two weeks with the Mountain Blue 400k on May 5.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

Team photos at the finish on Sunday are included below.

The Teams:

Escargot Volants Team Members
Janice Chernekoff, Captain
Dawn M Engstrom
Jonathan Levitt (T)
Christine Newman
Katie Raschdorf (T)
Paul G Shapiro

Fistful of Xanax, V3 Team Members
Michael J Gorman, Captain
Gil Lebron
Rajesh Nayak
Christopher C. Slocum
Steve Weng

Flèche Mob Team Members
Rudi Mayr, Captain
Mary Foley
Gregory W Forshey
Neal Lerner
Michael Povman

Fleshe Eating Rumble Ponies Team Members
James R Haddad, Captain
Zachary R Goodrich
George Michael Retseck

Les Chiens Errants
Team Members
Jimmy Aspras, Captain
Charles J Arayata (T)
Natalie Felice (T)
Ryan J Stanis

Les Chiens Errants, Deux
Team Members
Nicholas Manta , Captain
Alexander Manta 
Zachary Rachell

Now You've Gone Too Far Team Members
Eric Keller, Captain
De'Anna Caligiuri
William Huber
Greg Keenan
Steven J Schoenfelder

Sinister Nuts (now the 11th Edition, still all fixed gear!)
Team Members
William Olsen, Captain
Joseph C Dille
Guy Harris
Paul D Scearce
Bob Torres

Sins of the Flèche Team Members
James Bondra, Captain
Patrick Chin-Hong
Erica Jacobs 
Steve Yesko

The Fist of New York Team Members
Will Sherman, Captain
Mario Claussnitzer 
Cuneyt Eviner 
Vadim Gritsus
Simon Korzun

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