Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2018 PA SR Series, Round III: The Mountain Blue 400k

***Update 1***
Course checkout rides are complete and the cue sheet is updated.  Make sure you download the version last updated 4/29/2018.

With several riders opting to spend Friday evening at the hostel, the Rando-Concierge has asked me to make the following announcement:

All Women sleep in the Family Dorm
All Men Arriving BEFORE 10pm sleep in the Women's Dorm
All Men Arriving AFTER 10pm sleep in the Men's Dorm

*** Original Post***
The third event in the PA Randonneurs SR Series for 2018 will be held on May 5, 2018.  Registration is open and details available on the PA Randonneurs website.  The route is the popular Blue Mountain route that travels generally east-west along the northern and southern slopes of the Blue Mountain.  We will again be running the route in reverse of the normal direction, staying south of the ridge for our westward trek and returning along the north slope of the mountain.

A course checkout ride is scheduled for April 26 so check back afterward for any last-minute cue sheet changes.

Clarification for those riders considering hostel accommodations:  we assume that all riders will want to rest after completing the ride.  As such, beds for Saturday night/Sunday morning are included in your registration fee.  Choosing "Hostel Stay Night Before" on the registration form means Friday night.  Choosing "Hostel Stay Night After" means Sunday night.  

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

Registered Riders (as of 5/3/2018)
1 Jimmy Aspras +Fr
2 Marc Bernardo
3 Mario Claussnitzer
4 Alfred Dolich +Su
5 Cecilie Gaffney  - volunteer
6 Patrick Gaffney  - volunteer
7 James R Haddad +Fr
8 Hans Evan Jatzke +Fr, Su
9 Jeff Lippincott  - volunteer
10 Rudolf Mayr
11 Chris Nadovich - organizer
12 Rajesh Nayak
13 William Olsen - organizer
14 Calista Phillips +Fr
15 Emily Ranson +Fr
16 Joseph Ray +Fr
17 Will Sherman
18 George Swain +Fr
19 Gilbert Torres +Fr

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