Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stillwater 200k

For the November R-12, we'll be running the Stillwater 200k -- although the fall foliage has peaked, there are still plenty of trees with some leaves remaining.  A volunteer preride was completed by your's truly on Monday.  Temperatures at the start were a chilly 28F but warmed up to the 60F's by midday -- it was certainly one of the best day's of the year for a ride.  Now that the former Portland Diner has been reopened as the Portland Bagel and Deli, that is the start location -- it opens at 4:30AM, so you have plenty of time for breakfast there.  However, please note that you should park your car at the Portland Park and Ride (see event webpage for map and directions):
The finish is at Teresa's Pizza, about one half mile from the Park and Ride: after signing-in at the pizzeria, you can coast all the way downhill from there to the Park and Ride and your car (directions are on the cuesheet).

*** Course Notes ***
The current cuesheet is Draft 10 dated 10/29/13, with some updates from my  volunteer preride.  In general, the roads are in great shape, with many stretches of freshly paved asphalt -- some sections didn't even have lines painted yet.  However, there is some rain in the forecast, so you should be mindful of wet leave hazards that may develop.  Additionally:
-Mile 120.9: There is a reroute here to follow the detour for Station Rd: the bridge on Station Rd is under construction and not passable.  As noted on the cuesheet, you will be following the orange detour signs for 2 turns.  This detour will put you on Rt 94 a bit sooner, and although there is a lot of traffic on that main road, the shoulder is very good.
-Mile 126.9: The route puts you on a road that is closed to car traffic but is passable by foot.  You should dismount, and walk past the two barriers.  The course routing on State St through this "closed" stretch keeps you off of a busy section of Rt 611 which has marginal shoulders.

*** Roster (as of 10/31) ***
1 Michael Anderson
2 Clair Beiler
3 Joe A Brown
4 Jane M  Brown
5 Jeffery S Butt
6 Matthew Farrell
7 William Fischer
8 James P. Holman
9 Donald Jagel
10 Eric Keller
11 Christopher Maglieri
12 Tom Matragrano
13 Chris Nadovich
14 William Olsen
15 Peter C Phillips
16 Tom Rosenbauer
17 Norman Smeal
18 Bob Torres

If you plan to join the roster participate, please drop me a note by Thursday, November 1st.

And as always, be sure to monitor the message board and website for any last minute updates.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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