Monday, October 7, 2013


The PA Randonneurs fall series kicks off on October 19 and you have a choice of either a 150k or 200k course.  The start/finish will be at the Weisel hostel, with breakfast served 1 hour before the start  We'll also have the traditional post-ride BBQ, where we can recap the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the challenges of the coming year.
PA Members can register by sending me an e-mail, and pay the $30 entry fee when they sign-in.  Non-members can register by mailing in the registration form posted at:

With only about 10.5 hours of daylight available, lights and reflective gear will be required, unless you have previously finished the course in less than 9.5 hours.

It's also time to cast you vote for two board members at RUSA-HQ.  Bill Bryant, RUSA member #7, is one of the founding members of RUSA and one of the giants of our sport.  He has certainly earned one of my votes.   There are several other excellent candidates you can choose from as well:  ..

... you can cast your vote at this link:

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