Thursday, May 31, 2012


*** Update 1 (5/31/12) ***
Volunteer prerides for both the 600k (Bill Olsen) and the 200k (Bill Slabonik and Keith Spangler) were recently completed.  Bill and Keith rode in what must have felt like a hot sauna on Tuesday, getting in just ahead of the big storm that blew though that evening.  Bill Olsen also played hide and seek with several big storms on his preride last wednesday.  The current cuesheets are:
600k: Draft 5 dated 5/25/12
200k: Draft 2 dated 5/26/12

Some additional course notes:
-Due to poor road conditions, a route tweek was incorporated into the current cuesheet after Controle 4 (keeping you on Rt 390 to Hawley)
-Mile 233.0: This is an unmarked turn and the spotting cue at mile 232.7 for Coon Hollow road is also now unmarked.  However, the turn will be at the first stop sign you encounter when you turn onto Lehnenberg Rd.
-Controle 9  is a post card controle at the Limerick Post Office.  You'll be given a stamped post card at the start to drop in the mailbox there, but of course, I'll be expecting some good limericks to be written on the card before you mail it.  You should also note that post card controles are not timed -- in other words, you don't need to reach controle 9 before the listed closing time.  Since this is the first controle after the overnight sleep stop, you have until controle 10 to catch-up on the time limit, if you get a late/slow start after sleeping in at the hostel.  There's also a good 24-hr diner near the post office (as noted on the cuesheet).  This would be a good place to stop for breakfast.
-Controle 10 (a Sheetz mini-mart in New Holland) will be open for all drinks and packaged snack/food items but is undergoing renovations. The kitchen will be closed, hot food items, sandwiches to order and such will not be available.  There is a Wendy's, a McDonalds, and a Subway restaurant just a short distance west of the Sheetz Controlle on the south side of route 23. There is also Palermos Pizza  on the north side of route 23 as you approach the Controle.  There are also many good options in Morgantown, but Bill Olsen reports that "...the McD's in Morgantown is undergoing a major McRenovation and does not currently exist.  If folks are counting on this one they'll need to hit the King's place just before Morgantown on Rt.23..."
-Mile 359.1/114.6: The stone arch bridge just before this turn is under construction and signed as closed to traffic, but is passable if you dismount and walk across.

Parking: use the big parking lot, off to your right half way down the long driveway to the hostel.  Be sure to keep your car on the gravel surface -- it's easy to get your car stuck on the grassy areas. The couple of parking spots at the hostel are reserved.

If you are staying at the hostel on Friday, please try to arrive early and get your bunk ready when you first arrive -- this will minimize disturbing those trying to get some rest.  You should use the same bunk when you return for the overnight sleep stop.  Other riders will be assigned a bunk by the volunteers staffing the overnight controle.
Additional info on hostel procedures are at the end of this link:

Cell phone coverage is essentially non-existent at the hostel -- use the hostel number listed on the cuesheet if you need to reach someone there.  The front door of the hostel may be locked during the day on Saturday, but the back kitchen door will be open, if for some reason, you need to get inside at that time.

Hopefully, the rain in the forecast for Friday night into Saturday morning will clear out quickly.

And most importantly, Have a safe ride!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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