Monday, May 14, 2012

Blue Mountain 400k

*** Update 2 (5/16/12) ***
The cuesheet has been updated to draft 11, dated 5/16/12 with:
- (Mile 202.4) a detour for the Harmonyville Rd bridge that is under construction
- several other minor clarifications

Some additional notes from the preride, compliments of volunteer Norman Smeal (who completed a 300k warm-up on Saturday, before his 400k checkout on Sunday):

68.4 - The sign for West Bowman Rd was present for the pre-ride.
74.0 - Ben Salem Rd was not marked. The Andreas 4 spotting cue identifies the turn.
77.9 - The BL onto Pine Hill is the middle option at this intersection.  Cold Spring continues straight and Andreas is the hard left.
111.9  - You are headed toward a closed bridge that is partially blocked with earthen mounds.  It is passible by bike.  Wild Cherry Rd is on the far side of the bridge.
114.8 - Fox Rd is unmarked.  It is a TL intersection.
118.8 - There is a Turkey Hill about 0.1m off course to the right in Pine Grove.
119.1 - Parallel Rd is unmarked.  It is the 2nd R after crossing Rt 443.  It's more of a bear right.
164.0 - The sign for Clay Rd on the QR side of the intersection is missing.  This is a TL+QR where Clay zig-zags across SR 322.
204 - The bridge on Harmonyville Rd remains closed for construction.  A bypass will be posted in an update once it is confirmed.
231.8 - The small stone bridge on Swamp Creek Rd remains under construction.  It is still passible by bike.

*** Update 1 (5/14/12) ***
A volunteer preride was completed on Monday.  There are a couple of bridges that are out and some other minor cuesheet issues that will necessitate a cuesheet update.  Another update will be posted later in the week, so be sure to check back on the website for a complete preride report from Normal Smeal and an updated cuesheet.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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