Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mark Sheehan

I received sad news about the passing of Mark Sheehan, a long-time participant with Pennsylvania Randonneurs.

Calling hours are planned for next Saturday, June 9, at McInerny Funeral Home in Elmira:
Viewing is 2-5:15, memorial service @5:30

Obituaries have been posted here:
... and here:

The following was forwarded to me from Crista Borras, who writes:
"I'm sorry to be the messenger of some very sad news.  Mark Sheehan, an accomplished randonneur from Elmira, New York with whom many of you have ridden and shared hours of good companionship on our local brevets in past years, collapsed and died during a group bike ride in Florida a couple of days ago.  Julie Riplinger forwarded this note from Bill Lodico.  I don't have any additional information as of now but will forward any that I do receive.  I know that all of us who knew Mark feel a deep sense of loss.  "

-Crista Borras

**** Remembrance From Bill Lodico: *****
As some of you may know by now, we lost one of our best yesterday.

Mark was doing what he liked to do most, riding his bike, when he stopped, got off the bike and fell to the ground.  I don't know precisely what happened, but by my understanding it was heart-related and  was over very quickly, before he hit the ground.

It's hard to believe that something like this could happen to a cyclist who has racked up as many long, hard miles as Mark:  three PBP's, who knows how many BMB's, numerous Quadzillas, countless brevets, not to mention a pretty fair allotment of Diners Club centuries.  In his last email to me a couple weeks ago, he was complaining about his form on the bike, but it had been good enough to let him rack up 3000 miles for the year by mid May.

Many of you have shared long rides with Mark, and you remember his steady, no nonsense approach to covering the miles.  His approach to friendship was very much like that.  No nonsense about it, and you could count on him when you needed him.  His steadiness was leavened by a  sense of humor perfectly fitted to the long efforts associated with randonneuring:  subtle, understated, and economical.  HIs version of a belly laugh was an upturning at the corners of his mouth, a sidelong glance, and a twinkle in his eye.  I don't think I ever managed to get him to laugh outright; and when I complained about it, he told me I just wasn't funny enough.  He, on the other hand, got me laughing plenty of times.

There's no way to know why something like this had to happen to Mark, to his family, or to us.  What I do know is that I am happy and grateful to have had him as a friend.

-Bill Lodico

**** Remembrance From Rick Carpenter: *****
During my first ever 600, I found myself off solo winding my way up the lonely desolate Lackawaxen stretch towards Wallenpaupack, literally nodding off and on while pedaling through the silent afternoon heat.  On this stretch Mark stealthily approached alone & unnoticed to me.  I'll never forget him belting out "For a Fast Guy, you ride pretty damn slow!", abruptly startling me into full vigor. Mark and I continued on together and reached the Youth Hostel around 22:45 that evening as the heavens opened and the downpours began.  While my pals Joe, George, and John were already in, showered, and on their way to getting a few hours shut eye, you informed Mark & me that Pavelka was already back out on the course.  With me already nervous about completing my SR for PBP qualification, that was the spark needed to send the both of us immediately back out into the rain without even touching our drop bags for a change of kit.  I was so thankful and relieved to have the company of Mark alongside as we re-entered into the expanse of that dark, wet night in hopes of catching Ed.  Such good memories that I'll always keep and treasure, thanks to Mark's camaraderie.
- Rick Carpenter

*** Remembrance From Guy Harris ***

I first met Mark on the 2010 edition of the PA1000K that he rode and for which I was a support volunteer doing the course sweep.  I was in Carbondale at the Dunkin Donuts controle checking in riders before the last leg of the day to a sleep stop in Halstead.  Mark was the last one in, somewhere around midnight, and riding alone. He was obviously hurting and since I didn't know him I was a bit concerned. That concern quickly faded after speaking with him for just a few minutes. Clearly this was rider I needed to have no concerns for, a big relief after the events of that day.  He had been there before and was not only riding well within his abilities but having a great time.  
- Guy Harris

***Rememberance from Russ Loomis ***

This is sad news.  I met Mark on my first Quadzilla and rode some of those miles with him.  I think we end up riding three QZs together.  I also rode many miles with him on a few BMBs.  I looked forward to seeing him on events and passing the time with his wonderful wit and humor.  He will be missed by many.

SHEEHAN, Mark L | Big Horn Velo | 932011
Cert No.TypeKmDateOrganizing Club or Permanent RouteTimeMedal
2012annual total=200 km
349573ACPB2002012/03/12Hell Week Randonneurs / 94303711:15
2011ACP SR, annual total=2107 km
326782ACPB2002011/03/14Hell Week Randonneurs / 94303710:49
118384ACPB3002011/03/18Hell Week Randonneurs / 94303719:22
82505ACPB4002011/05/28New Jersey Randonneurs / 93002920:53
62999ACPB6002011/06/10New Jersey Randonneurs / 93002936:40
RUSA-T16216RUSAT2042011/06/18NY: Steuben 200K / 92010:30
RUSA-T16890RUSAT2002011/07/06NC: Tar Heel 200 / 58908:52
RUSA-T16909RUSAT2032011/07/17NY: Canandaigua 200K / 100311:15
2010ACP SR, annual total=3060 km
RUSA-B05557RUSAB2002010/02/20Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801710:14
297866ACPB2002010/03/27Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801710:05
108919ACPB3002010/04/17Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801714:15
72451ACPB4002010/05/01Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801726:20
US-2010-314ACPFmin 360
actual 380
2010/05/14Rochester Bicycling Club / 93203024:00
6828ACPB10002010/08/26Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801772:45Y
59150ACPB6002010/09/04Bicycle For Life Club / 93305733:59
2009annual total=660 km
103952ACPB3002009/05/02Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103314:05
US-2009-9165ACPFmin 360
actual 422
2009/05/14Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103324:00
2008annual total=2260 km
RUSA-B02305RUSAB2002008/01/12DC Randonneurs / 94601210:24
96506ACPB3002008/02/02Central Florida Randonneurs / 90906212:45
RUSA-B02324RUSAB2002008/02/23DC Randonneurs / 94601211:34
65720ACPB4002008/03/08Gainesville Cycling Club / 90900519:04
266552ACPB2002008/03/30Upstate NY Brevet Series / 93203409:37
267187ACPB2002008/04/19New Jersey Randonneurs / 93002910:27
US-2008-8173ACPFmin 360
actual 365
2008/04/24Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801724:00
66167ACPB4002008/05/03Randonneurs of the Mid-Atlantic / 94601323:53
2007ACP SR, annual total=2505 km
254186ACPB2002007/03/25Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103308:50
91260ACPB3002007/04/01Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103313:40
US-2007-7079ACPFmin 360
actual 402
2007/04/19Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103324:00
59539ACPB4002007/05/05Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801720:21
43238ACPB6002007/05/19Pennsylvania Randonneurs / 93801731:24
RUSA-B01724RUSAB6452007/07/14Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202737:55
2006ACP SR, annual total=1860 km
237779ACPB2002006/04/29Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202709:24
US-2006-6135ACPFmin 360
actual 423
2006/05/06Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103324:00
84693ACPB3002006/05/13Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202712:20Y
56427ACPB4002006/06/03Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202721:30
41399ACPB6002006/07/08Boston Brevet Series / 92103035:07
2005ACP SR, annual total=3660 km
229040ACPB2002005/04/09DC Randonneurs / 94601209:00
US-2005-5084ACPFmin 360
actual 412
2005/04/16Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103324:00
81418ACPB3002005/05/07DC Randonneurs / 94601215:14Y
54389ACPB4002005/05/21DC Randonneurs / 94601217:45
39843ACPB6002005/06/11DC Randonneurs / 94601231:44
40187ACPB6002005/07/09Boston Brevet Series / 92103031:10
US-2062RM12002005/08/18Boston Montreal Boston / 92100374:55
2004ACP SR, annual total=3060 km
218658ACPB2002004/04/24Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103307:56Y
79137ACPB3002004/05/08Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103312:09Y
US-2004-138ACPFmin 360
actual 423
2004/05/22Northeast Sport Cyclists / 92103324:00
53226ACPB4002004/06/12Boston Brevet Series / 92103018:13Y
38975ACPB6002004/06/26Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001028:35Y
4420ACPB10002004/08/19Boston Montreal Boston / 92100358:28Y
225267ACPB2002004/08/22Boston Montreal Boston / 92100310:13Y
2003ACP SR, annual total=1860 km
206614ACPB2002003/04/12Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001009:47Y
US-2003-061ACPFmin 360
actual 386
2003/04/19Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001024:00
72368ACPB3002003/05/03Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001013:49Y
48779ACPB4002003/05/17Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001018:38Y
37477ACPB6002003/06/07Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001030:10Y
2002ACP SR, annual total=3260 km
US-2002-50ACPFmin 360
actual 372
2002/03/30Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001024:00
195993ACPB2002002/04/13Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001008:31Y
196053ACPB2002002/05/04Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202708:55Y
68757ACPB3002002/05/18Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202717:15Y
45947ACPB4002002/06/22Onondaga Cycling Club / 93202717:45Y
33168ACPB6002002/07/20Rochester Bicycling Club / 93203035:49
US1601RM12002002/08/22Boston Montreal Boston / 92100382:53
2001ACP SR, annual total=3700 km
191307ACPB2002001/04/21Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001008:52Y
67425ACPB3002001/05/05Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001013:50Y
44581ACPB4002001/05/19Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001018:27Y
32109ACPB6002001/06/09Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001030:16Y
3650ACPB10002001/07/01Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001064:30Y
US1182RM12002001/08/16Boston Montreal Boston / 92100381:26
2000ACP SR, annual total=2700 km
184710ACPB2002000/04/15Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001010:00Y
65673ACPB3002000/05/06Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001015:41Y
43662ACPB4002000/06/24Boston Brevet Series / 92103020:09Y
31561ACPB6002000/07/22Rochester Bicycling Club / 93203039:44
US1011RM12002000/08/17Boston Montreal Boston / 92100369:49
1999annual total=300 km
59613ACPB3001999/05/01Potomac Pedalers Touring Club / 92001014:20
Grand Total31192 kms

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