Wednesday, May 11, 2022

New Blue Redux 400K Pre Ride Course Notes

A pre-ride of the New Blue Redux 400K was conducted on 9 May, by Jeff Lippincott. Based on this pre-ride the RWGPS route was  updated 2022-05-11 20:16:15 EDT and the cue sheet is now version 4. Route information and registration are on the event web page

Longer routes can exhaust GPS memory. Make sure your GPS  unit can handle this route. After downloading the route, make sure the GPS can route with it. If necessary, split the route into segments. 

Course notes are below.

The pre-rider did not run into any road closures or detours. He encountered no seriously busy roads. 

On the Swatara Trail, the trail was flooded out by Mill Creek at mile 108.2. He was able to find an obvious side trail to bypass the flooding. 

As we have had several days of dry weather, the trail flooding there has probably drained. On the other hand, if rain returns and if it turns out that the trail flooding is not passable, simply backtrack 0.1 mile to the intersection with PA 443 and turn left (west) to cross the creek on the highway. Continue on 443 for about 5 miles where it bends southward and goes straight into PA 72. This crosses through Swatara gap. Shortly after passing through the gap and under I-81 you will rejoin the course at mile 115, turning right onto Bohn's Lane. 

The PA 443/72 routing avoids the rail trail entirely, but it's trafficy and has rolling hills. Pick your poison.  If the rail trail is flooded or muddy 443/72 is an acceptable alternative. 

At Evansburg SP, 218.5, Mayhall Rd is closed past the park office. It was passable by bike when last checked, but given that many riders will be crossing through this road at night, please look out for unexpected hazards that may have developed recently. 

All in all, it's a lovely DIFFICULT route 

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