Friday, December 31, 2021

Start the New Year with Rule 9


Yes. It's likely there will be some rain during the 200K on New Year's day tomorrow. But those fair-weather bike riders out there who are thinking of DNSing, consider the following. 
It won't be a lot of rain, the temps will be in the high 50's all day, and even during the early evening it will stay above 50. If you have decent rain gear with covered hands and feet you should do just fine. You won't overheat; you won't freeze. Put some towels and changes of clothes in your car. Don't forget to eat and drink throughout the ride. 
It could have been 15F with snow and ice. Riding in January is always a challenge. Remember: RULE 9.


  1. Chris, Thanks again for your usual organizational excellence. The warm temps and light traffic made the rain almost bearable. I hope to dry out in time for next month's adventure. Can't wait to see what February has in store for us.Bob Dye