Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Hope to New Hope

The first brevet of 2022 is on the first day of the year using the new version of the Hope to New Hope course as a figure 8,  with a start, midpoint, and finish control in Pohatcong Shopping Center in Phillipsburg. This brevet is FREE for PA Rando Members. See the event web site for all the details. 

Beyond Hope Fedex Box Info Control

The start of the brevet is the super Wawa on US 22. You can park in the Wal Mart lot behind this Wawa. Alternatively, given that the finish control is Franks Trattoria pizzeria next to the Regal Cinema on the opposite side of the shopping center (and more convenient at the midpoint of the figure 8 course), you might park over near Franks and then ride your bike over to the Wawa start to make your life easier at the end of the day.

The figure 8 course and info controls allows you to complete this brevet without entering a convenience store. To take best advantage of this resupply option, remember to provision your car as you will be passing it near the middle of the ride.  

A pre-ride of the course was conducted on 23 December. All roads are open with no detours. The shoulders were mostly clear of debris. This can change if there is any significant snow/wind/rain before the ride date. The worst debris on shoulders is typically found along the narrow area just south of the Hope turnaround, early in the brevet, and the northbound approach to Frenchtown returning from New Hope at the end of the brevet. It's also possible to see some fallen rock and ice on River Rd past Milford. 

The start time is 7AM, which is before dawn. Please have reflective gear and lights at the start. Sunset is around nine and a half hours later.  If you are riding past sunset, please put on your visibility gear or you will be DQed. 


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