Sunday, May 23, 2021

Ride Report: New Blue Re-Redux 400K

Preliminary results for the third ride in our ACP Super Randonneur series, the New Blue Re-Redeux 400K brevet, have been posted on the PA Rando website.  Despite the sudden appearance of hot weather, 12 of the 14 not-heat-acclimated starters finished under the time limit for a 86% completion rate. Congratulations and well done to all. Please review the results and let me know if something doesn't agree with your recollections.  The results will be submitted to RUSA for certification later on and become final at that time. 

Volunteer Greg Keenan with riders George, Amy, and Nick

Two new riders, Brad Layman and Mark Caplan finished their first 400K with excellent times. This was also Mark's first ride over 200K. Congratulations. As a reward for such good work on the 400, maybe would your consider a 600K? 

We had excellent volunteer help for this event. Iwan Banankay, Mark Caplan, and Brad Layman helped set up the Holiday Inn meeting room. Sue Proulx baked those scrumptious brownies we all love,  and she ran the finish control for 6+ hours.  Steve Schoenfelder, Greg Keenan, and Bill Slabonik roved the hottest stretch of the course, secretly controlling and delivering water, ice, and snacks to the sweltering riders.  After a day of on-road support, Steve returned to the start/finish hotel to help with the cleanup at 5AM.

Sue waits for returning riders as first-finisher Iwan sleeps

Iwan Banankay writes:

What a day. A 400 never, ever falls short of being epic.  Ever heard someone say, “I rode a 400 once but I can’t recall it?” Neither do I. Spectacular sunrise and sunset and blasting sunshine during the day. Most of the prep went into thinking about food and drinking. I went through three gallons of ice-water to which I added Himalayan Salt – an experiment but it worked quite well – plus another gal of soda. Despite all that I had a heatstroke but caught it just in time with some magical elixir at a Wawa (bottled, cold Starbucks milky coffee; 300cals!). Main lesson is simple: when things go well keep riding, when they don’t, stop and fix them! Great feeling to ride with two strong 400 novices, Brad and Mark, who both finished in a spectacular time; Brad overcame a bad heatstroke and Mark literally talked him up that beastly final climb – true rando spirit.  By far the best parts were to come across the well-stocked secret controls (many thanks to Steven, Greg, and Bill – that cold Pepsi was divine) and the wonderful welcome committee at the finish.  Special thanks to Chris for planning and executing the event despite the complex year we had.


Numerous baby deer seen at night on the Saucon Trail

Gavin Biebuyck writes:

That was a challenging ride. You called it: the first 100 or so was wonderful and cool, followed by 80 of sun blasted farmlands, and then nice run-in through the dark. Chocolate and cheese helped me.  I drank 2 gallons of milk, 2 ice creams, 3 V8s, 1 gal or so of sugar water.  Two sit-down meals with beers helped cool me down.  Turns out that Tandoori chicken cucumber and lettuce on pizza tastes good after 14 hours of riding. Who knew the Army used trains - 8 chevaux. Thanks for the attention to detail on the routing and to all the volunteers!


Swaincycle at sunset (or is it sunrise?)

George Swain writes:

The advantages of riding a 400K? Seeing both sunrise and sunset, getting to eat anything you want, catching up with old friends. This was my longest ride since PBP. Thanks for the good times, PA Randonneurs!


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