Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Philly - Pagoda - Pocono 600K

The time has come for the grandaddy of our 2021 events, the culminating event of the Pennsylvania Randonneurs Super Randonneur Series: the Philly-Pagoda-Pocono 600k on June 5-6, 2021. Registration is open and will remain so though Sunday night, May 30.  Don't delay.  

Hopefully randonesia is soothing riders' memories of this past weekend's Blue Mountain 400k.  Eight riders remain eligible for the prestigious PA SR award, though some might need to pick up an ACP 200k in July, August, or September to qualify. Need motivation? 👇

The prize at the end of a PA SR

For those that either have no interest in the SR, have not yet forgotten the 400k, or simply want to keep an R-12 streak alive, we are also offering a companion 200k on Saturday, June 5.  Unlike the hostel-based 600/200, the new Holiday Inn Hollywood 200 is its own route and will not overlap with the 600k riders.  It will take riders along an interesting route to Hollywood (PA).  Registration for this event is open through Thursday June 3.

Pennsylvania has dramatically relaxed COVID restrictions over the past few days with more planned for the end of May.  Easing restrictions, recognition that riders were using stores anyway, and the reality that adequate food and drink are essential for a 600k motivated a relaxing of our pandemic protocols.  Beginning in June we are re-incorporating more merchant controls into our brevets.  You'll still find information and post card controls, but you'll also find traditional merchant controls as well.  Mask rules at commercial establishments vary greatly, so riders are strongly encouraged to take their mask along for the ride.  Hand sanitizer is never a bad idea.

The P-P-P 600k route has been extensively massaged to smooth out some of the rough edges discovered in 2019.  The route into Philly avoids the suicidal stretch along Germantown Pike.  Miles along the SRT have been reduced to bypass trail construction, but this means there's a little bit of pavement to break the monotony of the trail.  While some dirt roads remain in the approach to the overnight control, these are now minimal with the added bonus that the revised routing reduces climbing by 150 feet.  The second day is much the same, though we have adopted the preferred routing out of Blairstown used on the 300k.  The P-P-P 600k remains a challenging re-tour of many places explored on the earlier SR Series events and represents the very essence of Pennsylvania Randonneurs to provide challenging brevets that leave riders with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and prepare them for something more.

A pre-ride is still being planned which may result in additional clarifying notes.  Check back periodically.  One known clarification involves the overnight control.  This was a little confusing in 2019.  Riders approach Beach Lake along PA-652, The Beach Lake Highway.  The left turn onto Milanville Road is easily spotted as being directly across from The Carousel Water & Fun Park with a large sign out front. The overnight control is just ahead along Milanville on the left and is marked with a much smaller sign.  It may be hard to see in the dark.

Daylight street view of Pine Grove Cottages

 The driveway is marked as one-way, but at the hour most riders arrive this is a mere formality. 

Map of Pine Grove Cottages

The cottages are arranged around a horseshoe driveway.  We will be using cottages 1 - 4 only. Food and overnight bags will be located at the PA Rando Control in Cottage #4, so check in here when your arrive.  Riders can expect something hearty upon arrival and something breakfasty on departure along with the usual assortment of drinks and grab-and-go items.  The menu is not yet finalized.  I'm willing to at least listen to requests from registered riders. Please understand that I'm no 5-star chef so prime rib and eggs benedict are unlikely.

The Holiday Inn Hollywood 200k is a new route that begins and ends at the Holiday Inn where the SR events are staged.  This route heads south toward Philadelphia via classic Bucks County cycling roads and rail trails before turning around in Hollywood (PA).  Vertical challenges come early in the route as is typical for most events departing from Easton and should make for an enjoyable day of cycling.  Read more about this route on the event page.   

Chris Nadovich
Event Organizer

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA


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