Sunday, December 8, 2019

Thanks to the 2019 PA Rando Volunteers

2019 has been an amazing year for Pennsylvania Randonneurs. We have managed to continue our tradition of running high quality and challenging brevets in Eastern PA. We introduced a totally new SR series and a new Fleche venue. Our unbroken string of R12 series events allow riders to stay on their bikes seeking rando glory all year long. Such accomplishments for this club would not be possible without volunteer help. In 2019, the  Pennsylvania Randonneurs would like to thank volunteers:
  • CJ Arayata 
  • Gavin Biebuyck
  • James Bondra
  • Janice Chernekoff
  • Tom Dermody
  • Matt Farrell
  • Bill Fischer
  • Nigel & Joyce Greene
  • Greg Keenan
  • Eric Keller
  • Steve Kraybill
  • Patrick & Cecilie Gaffney
  • Nick Manta
  • George & Erin Metzler 
  • Andrew Mead
  • Chris Nadovich
  • William Olsen
  • Susan Proulx
  • George Retseck
  • Tom Rosenbauer
  • Steve Schoenfelder
  • Len Zawodniak
Thanks to all of you who volunteered this year. (Let us know if we missed anybody.) If you rode a PA event this year, people on this list made it possible. Please thank them for their effort. But to really thank them, to really, really thank them, you (yes, I mean you) should volunteer for a PA Rando event.

Continuing our long-standing tradition, Pennsylvania Randonneurs plans in 2020 to continue the R12 series, the SR series, the Fleche, and a few populaires.  We might add more populaires if there is enough interest and willing volunteers.  Look for a few new routes as well as the revival of some that few may remember.  We kick things off on January 4 with the Little Britain brevet. Event and registration details are posted on the website.

Chris Nadovich
Andrew Mead

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