Monday, December 2, 2019

December R12: Hope to New Hope **Update

Update: 4 December

I scouted the northern extent of the course today. There is a LOT of tree-branch debris on the shoulders on 519 above Belvedere. Also some shattered ice shards. This will affect the start and the finish -- especially the finish for riders finishing after sunset. People need to be extra vigilant to scan for "sticky" areas as they ride in the dark. These roads are relatively low traffic on Saturday, but they DO have traffic. Blinding by oncoming car headlights may make spotting the debris difficult. Please stop and wait for traffic to clear if you can't verify that the road in front of you is safe. 

The parking lot at Footbridge Park was NOT plowed, nor was the footbridge. These areas are flat, wide, and the snow/ice isn't deep. We can still park there. But if it turns out these are still frozen and unridable on Saturday, I'll want everyone to walk bikes through the frozen mess. Please don't try to ride over an ice covered footbridge unless you have spiked tires.

The rt 97 highway bridge is still under construction, with a one-way traffic light robot flagperson that has a silly long wait time. Normally the workaround has been to use the road through Footbridge Park, but if the footbridge is still frozen (see above) it's hard to say which way is better. The final decision will be made at the riders meeting after consulting with everyone's guardian angel.

Original Post...

Yes, yes, yes. Despite RUSA insurance gyrations we are indeed running the Hope 2 New Hope 200K brevet on 7 December starting from the Blairstown Diner at 7AM. Don't park at the Diner. Please park across the creek in Footbridge Park.  The finish is at the Blairstown Inn, across the street from the diner. All the information, and an online registration link, are on the event web page.

There has been no pre-ride of this event, but we believe that the roads in question are very reliable with little chance of issue. Famous last words.

Unlike previous editions, the Milford and New Hope controles are open controles. Milford baker is no more. If you want breakfast in Milford, go to the Bridge St Deli. If you want something quick go to the Milford Market. The cued route through New hope takes you past the brewery (which may not be open yet -- penalty for fast riding). There's a Starbucks, a Dunkin', and numerous small establishments. If you want Wawa or McDonalds or the diner in New Hope, these are a right turn at mile 62.8, about 0.5 mile off course.

The start and finish extend during night hours. The organizer will strictly enforce the rules regarding lighting and reflective gear.

Bonne route!

Chris Nadovich

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