Sunday, July 14, 2019

Ride Report: Hawk's Nest 200 (The Bushkill-Lackawaxen Variation)

Preliminary results for the Hawk's Nest 200k have been posted on the website.  Please review the results and let me know if they align with your memory.  What is normally one of the easier routes on the schedule challenged a few riders with only 16 of 19 starters finishing in the allotted time.  At least all were accounted for at the finish.  The results will be submitted to RUSA later in the week and will become official once certified by the ACP.

The inaugural running of the Bushkill Lackawaxen 200k got off to an incredibly inauspicious start when Steve Castellano crashed at mile .1 while crossing the RR tracks just past the PA Welcome Center (this was not welcome).  Steve hit his head and cut his lip but, in true Randonneur style, lobbied hard to continue his ride.  Fortunately intelligence quickly ensued in the form of George Retseck who dissuaded Steve from that questionable decision.   We took Steve back to the start and with a little ice against his upper lip, Steve got home safely after a short stop for coffee.  I suspect we’ll see Steve on the next Pa Rando event, he was still pretty mad that he couldn’t continue the ride…..  Steve’s recount can be seen on his blog here:

After sandbagging the ride organizer with some story about riding “easy”, Scotty Steingart set a blistering pace on the event.  Scotty set this time in spite of (1) talking to me at the Bushkill Post Office for about 5 minutes, (2) assisting Ed Bernasky with his first flat repair and (3) riding his “heavy” bike.

Unfortunately for Ed Bernasky, the “first” flat repair with the assistance of Scotty was not his last.  Ed double flatted on the gravel section of the Port Jervis bypass.  Ed decided that fixing flats wasn’t great training for PBP so elected to take a direct route back to the start.

Lamar Chandler’s GPS sent him left on Towpath Road at mile 43.  I suspect his GPS was attempting to be kind to Lamar as that hard right onto Towpath is a steep little kicker.  Unfortunately taking the left on Towpath has 2 unfortunate consequences:

1.       It’s the wrong direction
2.       Towpath turns into SR 590 (just as it does if you’re proceeding in the correct direction).

These 2 facts, combined with a malfunctioning GPS and fatigue after riding hard for 43 miles with a lot of climbing, resulted in Lamar going a long distance off route (mostly uphill).  After getting turned around and climbing up to Eldred, Lamar performed the technique now known as “the Joe Ray” and returned to the Delaware Water Gap with the assistance of the Uber App.

Otherwise, the inaugural running of the Bushkill Lackawaxen 200k was completed without a hitch.   I must say that assisting with organizing this ride was great fun and I want to encourage all PA Randonneurs to take some of the burden off of Chris and Andrew and volunteer to help run these fabulous events.   It’s worth it just to see the incredible organization of the website – it’s pretty amazing.

Bill Fischer

Special thanks to Bill Fischer for organizing the July brevet assisted by Matt Farrell.  Winter and spring were especially busy this year; it was nice to have a month off.  Next up we will return to Easton for Chris Nadovich's popular Yet Another River to River Ride on August 3.  Registration is open now.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA
Andrew Mead

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  1. Well done, Bill. Thank you. Scotty was very kind to stop and assist when I flatted just before going up to El Dread. Interestingly, he also rides a recumbent. When I told him he didn't have to help, he merely said he wasn't in any kind of hurry, just trying to get some training miles in. We probably chatted for 10 minutes. Imagine if he really was in a hurry!!