Sunday, July 7, 2019

July R12 Event: Back to the Mountains

Event details for the Bushkill-Lackawaxen 200k have been up on the website for a while and registration remains open through Thursday July 11.  Many of you will recognize this as mostly our favorite summer route, Hawk's Nest.  Variety is the spice of life.

Organizer Bill Fischer conducted a course check-out pre-ride on the 6th.  The cue sheet has been updated on the website.  Make sure the version you download is the July 7 update.  Bill's notes follow:

The course is in excellent shape with plenty of new pavement and, other than our favorite climb on Old Mine Road, very few potholes.

A few minor issues to keep in mind:

Mile 38.8 – Control 2/402 CafĂ© – We warned the owner that a gaggle of hungry cyclists will be descending on their establishment Saturday.  The staff is friendly and hospitable but warned us that they are typically busy during the time of our arrival and we shouldn’t expect ultra fast service.  We ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches to go and they took about 15 minutes (they were excellent!).  If you are in a hurry, they have a nice selection of muffins and bottled water/Gatorade that will get you in and out in a jiffy.  If you’re not in a hurry, this is a great place to spend a little time and enjoy a great breakfast.

Mile 55.6 – The shoulder of Rte.  97 is under construction at the right turn after crossing the Roebling Aqueduct.   Take extra caution to scan for traffic when making this turn as it’s easy to move into the lane while avoiding the construction.

Mile 59.7 – There is a farmers market starting at 10:00 Saturday in Barryville.   We passed by before it was open but the proprietor was already placing cones in the road.  If you see a backup of traffic next week it may be prudent to take the lane as you approach Barryville to pass stopped traffic and prepare for the Left turn onto Rte. 55 toward Eldred.

Mile 63.7 – The Corner Store in Eldred does not open until 11:00.  Fast riders may arrive before opening.  If you are there early, make the Right hand turn on to Rte 32 and control at Peck’s Market Grocery Store on the left.

Mile 78.2 - Long-time riders of the Hawk's Nest route will want to pay attention as the route takes a quieter, more scenic path through Port Jervis.  While Port Jervis remains an open control, there is a nice ice cream shop along Water St that is recommended.

Mile 81.9 – The Neversink River bridge (after you control in Port Jervis) is still under construction.   Although there is a pedestrian walk on the East side of the bridge, I would recommend that you take the lane and cross the bridge in the traffic lane.  The right turn onto Maple Ave occurs very quickly after crossing the bridge and you won’t want to be crossing both traffic lanes after crossing the bridge in the pedestrian lane.

Mile 109.9 – The pavement on the Old Mine climb is as bad as you remember.

Mile 123.4 – The single lane section of River Rd. aka “the mine field” has been paved Yippee!

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

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  1. Hi, Andrew and Bill. Thank you for the great report! Just wanted to mention that the RWGPS map shows the Exxon station as a POI control point at mile 38.8, even though the cue list shows the correct 402 Cafe. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!