Friday, May 25, 2018

PA R-12 Series Resumes: Hawk's Nest 200k

*** UPDATE June 8 ***
The Hawk's Nest route enjoys generally low traffic roads and cooler temperatures.  The cost of those benefits is that control locations can be scarce as many local businesses in the region maintain limited hours.  Some have folded altogether. 

You will likely want to grab breakfast before reaching the start on Saturday.  We depart 90 minutes before the Village Farmer opens.  Our early start gives all riders a good chance to reach the Flats Deli control before it closes at 4pm and return to the finish while the Village Farmer BBQ is running (until 8pm).  The downside to our early start is that fast riders may reach The Corner at Eldred before it opens at 11am. 

You have options.  You can take a more relaxed pace to Eldred so you arrive near 11am.  There is plenty of beautiful scenery along the route to enjoy.  You can relax and wait for The Corner to open.  You've obviously been riding hard if you arrive closer to the control opening time of 9:37 and deserve a rest.  If you arrive before 9:37, you must wait until then to check into the control.  While waiting, you can contemplate stepping up your game in one of the endurance cycling competitions that occur each June.  Or you can use an alternate control due to the primary control being closed.  Unlike the Flats Deli location, Eldred offer options.  There is a diner on Rt 55 just before the control and the C-store and grocery across Rt 55 from The Corner which are all open during the open times of the control.  Have them initial and time stamp your card, save a receipt to indicate where you controlled, and ride on.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

*** UPDATE May 29 ***
Course checkout rides were completed over the weekend.  An updated cue sheet has been posted.

Our original plans for a leisurely late-morning start have been changed due to limited operating hours of Flat's Deli and the closure of the Apple Pie Cafe.  There is also summer heat to consider.  As such, the ride will begin at 6:30am, NOT 8:30 as previously mentioned.  While this means we will miss breakfast with the Village Farmer, we have confirmed that it's summer BBQ will be operating in the front yard until 8pm.

We are also strongly recommending that all riders park in the Park-N-Ride lot near the I-80 Interchange, across the street from the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. It's just a short roll down Broad St from there to the Village Farmer.

*** Original Post ***
Details and registration links for the Hawk's Nest 200k have been posted on the website.  This event will take place on June 9 under the organizational skills of Bill Fischer.  Please note that the start time for this popular event has been changed to a leisurely 8:30 am so that all riders can enjoy a hearty pre-ride breakfast at the Village Farmer & Bakery.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

Registered Riders (as of June 7)
1 Charles J Arayata
2 Timothy T.  Creyts
3 Natalie Felice
4 William Fischer - organizer
5 James R Haddad
6 Brian Hanson-Harding
7 Donald Jagel + membership
8 Greg Keenan
9 Rudi Mayr
10 Chris Nadovich - volunteer
11 William Olsen
12 Joseph Ray
13 Robin Rootkin
14 Paul G Shapiro
15 Daryl Southwood
16 Scotty Steingart
17 Jim Vreeland
18 Oliver Zong

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