Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 PA Randonneurs SR Series, Round IV: The Water Gap 600k

*** Update May 15***
The cue sheet has been updated to reflect tweaks from the pre-event course checkout ride.  Be sure to download the version labeled Draft 3, 5/9/2018.

*** Original Post***
The final round of the PA Randonneurs Super Randonneur Series will be held on May 19-20, 2018:  The Water Gap 600k.  Event details and registration are available on the website.  The brevet will start and finish at our rando clubhouse, the Weisel Youth Hostel near Quakertown, PA.  The route returns riders to the hostel after about 400k before heading west toward Lancaster for the final 200k loop.

The course checkout ride was completed the same weekend as the 400k.  The cue sheet is being updated and will be available on the website in the coming days.

As has been customary for several years, we will also stage the New Holland 200k on Sunday, May 20.  This route follows the same route as the final 200k of the 600k.  History has shown that the relatively fresh 200k riders can be welcome company and cheerleaders for the weary 600k riders.  It also assures a larger crowd to cheer at the finish.  Event details and registration for the New Holland 200k are also available on the website.

Registered 600k Riders (as of May 18)
1 Jimmy Aspras
2 Gavin Biebuyck
3 Mario Claussnitzer +Fr
4 Alfred Dolich
5 Cuneyt Eviner +Fr
6 James R Haddad +Fr
7 Doug Haluza +Fr
8 Hans Evan Jatzke +Fr
9 Eric E. Keller +Fr, Su
10 Jeff Lippincott  - volunteer
11 Rudi Mayr
12 Lawrence A Midura
13 Chris Nadovich - volunteer
14 Rajesh Nayak
15 William Olsen - organizer
16 Joseph Ray +Fr, Su
17 Jim Vreeland +Fr

Registered 200k Riders (as of May 18)
1 Charles J Arayata
2 Marc Bernardo
3 James Bondra +Sa
4 Chris Errico
5 Cecilie Gaffney
6 Patrick Gaffney
7 Guy Harris
8 George Michael Retseck
9 Edward T Schantz
10 Ryan J Stanis
11 Gilbert Torres +Sa

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