Wednesday, August 23, 2017

September R12 Brevet: Another Victory

*** Update 2 ***
For those of you looking at the GPS track, the CORRECT link is here:
The route originally linked on the website is the regular route which will lead you into two chaotic construction areas where you are likely to have to carry your bike for a bit.


*** Update 1 ***
A course checkout ride was completed by Jeff Lippincott on September 1.  Minor edits have been incorporated into the cue sheet and updated on the website.
Make sure you have the 9/2/17 edition.
There has been a lot of chatter by people wanting to try this route on a fixed gear.  Jeff decided to confirm that it was indeed possible and completed the checkout on his in a very respectable sub-10 hour time.  You can read his report here:

Get your registrations in and plan to join us next Saturday.  The post ride refreshments are hard to beat.  Parking will be in the lower parking lot to the left of the driveway where you enter. 
See you Saturday!

*** Original Post ***
PA Randonneurs heads a little further west in September to run A Victory to Remember.  Event and registration details are available on the website.  Recall that this brevet was new in 2016 and enjoyed by all.  So we're leaving the route alone for 2017 and will once again finish at the Victory Brewing Company in Parkesburg where good food and drink are plentiful and there's even a bike rack out front.   Registration remains open until September 7, so make your plans to attend now.

Andrew Mead
George Metzler

Registered Riders (as of September 7, 2017)
1 Barbara Solis Anderson
2 Ronald W. Anderson
3 Charles J Arayata
4 Jimmy Aspras
5 Ed Bernasky
6 Gavin Biebuyck
7 George Brandt
8 Lamar W. Chandler
9 Sean P Connelly
10 Timothy T.  Creyts
11 Matthew Farrell
12 William Fischer
13 James R Haddad
14 Guy Harris
15 Dale E Houck
16 Greg Keenan
17 Thomas J Keenan
18 Jeff Lippincott - volunteer
19 Rudi Mayr
20 Andrew D Mead - organizer
21 George Metzler - organizer
22 Chris Nadovich
23 Richard W Ramage
24 Steven J Schoenfelder
25 Gilbert Torres
26 Aleksey M Vishnyakov

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