Sunday, August 13, 2017

James Haddad Earns PA R12

In the mayhem that typically follows a brevet weekend, it's sometimes easy to overlook the accomplishments of our members.  Last month was one of those times.

While I'm sure that he is quite aware of his accomplishment, we should all offer congratulations to James Haddad for completing one of the tougher recognition awards in PA Randonneurs:  the
PA R12.

James began his streak last August and completed his stretch on last month's Hawk's Nest brevet.  All the more impressive is that James lives in Binghamton, NY which means he normally faces at least a 2-hour drive each way before he even gets on his bike. 

Chappeau James.  Well Done!

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  1. PA R12, another PA SR, a Super 600, and what will hopefully be a Can-Am and K-Hound completion if everything goes according to plan. Throw in the fixed-gear factor for his last few brevets and it's readily apparent that James is insatiable! Congrats bud.