Tuesday, May 9, 2017

PA Randos Get Around: Carolina Spring 1200k

James Haddad & Chris Slocum
The Brothers Olsen, Bill & Mark
It is often said that the PA Randonneurs prepares its randonneurs for anything they might encounter in a brevet.  This past weekend was no exception as PA regulars James Haddad, Chris Slocum and Bill Olsen completed the Carolina Spring 1200 Grand Randonnee in North Carolina.  Conditions there were only slightly better than here:  it was a little warmer, but the weekend was filled with lots of rain and lots of wind.  While it was "just another brevet" for Bill, though we are glad to see his return to form, it marks the first 1200k for both James and Chris.  Congratulations to you all!!


  1. Yes, congratulations to all these guys. Successful completions are AWAYS nice!

  2. Really glad to read this. Congrats with a successful RM event!

  3. James and Chris were essential to my completing this Carolina Spring 1200k. They are both skilled navigators, strong randonneurs and fun guys to ride with. It was my good luck to latch onto them early in the brevet. THANK YOU both. Joe Todd - Audax Atlanta.

  4. Good seeing you again Bill, albeit briefly while you and (I assume) your brother were climbing-up Cokesbury.