Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PA ACP SR Series Concludes with the PA 600k

*** UPDATE 2 ***
An updated 200k cue sheet has been posted on the website to incorporate the Trumbauersville Rd detour and to correct the departure route from the New Holland Control.  Please be sure you get the revision dated 6/10/2017 (a browser refresh may be necessary).

*** UPDATE 1 ***

A pre-ride was completed on Friday, just in the nick of time for Saturday's start.

Two road construction detours were noted.  The first is along Rt 97 in New York between Hawk's Nest and Port Jervis, roughly mile 144 on the cue.  Riders are advised to follow the car detour signs directing them left onto Bolton Basin Rd, right onto Rt 42 which then rejoins Rt 97 prior to the Port Jervis control.  The second is near the Bloomsbury controle, roughly mile 222.  Again riders are advised to follow the car detour signs and they will be returned to the route.

Additional details will be provided at the pre-ride meeting.

A final change, again due to road construction, was noted near the end of the route.  This change affects both the 600k and 200k riders.

The following changes are noted to the cue (200k mileages in parenthesis):

360.3 (113.2) TR Upper Ridge Road(following car detour)
361.3 (114.2)  L Old Woods Rd (immediately after PA turnpike overpass)
362.0 (114.9)  L Wright Road
362.7 (115.6)  TR Esten Road
365.2 (118.1)  R Rich Hill Rd

The normal cue cue has a QL onto Trumbauersville Rd following the TR onto Upper Ridge Rd, but Trumbauersville is closed.  Old Woods is the first left after going over the turnpike.  You are back on cue after making the TR on Esten.  Mileage will be slightly off.

*** Original Post ***

The 2017 ACP SR series concludes with the PA 600k scheduled for June 10-11 and staged from the Weisel Hostel outside of Quakertown, PA.  The 600k route follows what has become a classic favorite traveling northward through Promised Land State Park to Hawley.  From there the route follows the Lackawaxen River down the Delaware River at the Roebling Aquaduct where we enter New York with controls in Eldred and Port Jervis and the always scenic Hawk's Nest overlook.  From Port Jervis, the route turns south through the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area and eventually returns to Quakertown.  The second day features an out-and-back loop to New Holland.  A 200k brevet will also be offered on Sunday June 11 covering the same loop as the second day of the 600k.

Ride details have been posted on the website.

The cue sheets are available on the website:
The 600k cue sheet is at:
 The 200k cue sheet is at:

Links to the route maps are also available.

Registered 600k Riders (as of  6/8)
1 Charles J Arayata  + Fr
2 Jimmy Aspras
3 Mario Claussnitzer
4 Sean P Connelly
5 James R Haddad  +Fr
6 Guy Harris  - organizer
7 Greg Keenan  + Fr
8 Eric E. Keller  +Fr, Su
9 Rudi Mayr
10 Lawrence A Midura
11 William Olsen - organizer
12 Bob Torres  + Fr
13 Aleksey M Vishnyakov  + Fr

Registered 200k Riders (as of  6/8)
1 James Bondra  +Sa
2 Paul I Currie
3 Gregory W Forshey
4 Nigel Greene
5 Eric  K Hannon Ford  +Sa
6 Stephen M Kraybill
7 Jeff Lippincott
8 Andrew D Mead
9 Steven J Schoenfelder


  1. A post office is listed as a control on Sunday, which means it will be closed. Are we supposed to mail postcards?

  2. can we use the convenience store in Port Jervis as a control instead of the diner?