Friday, April 14, 2017

ACP SR 300: The Water Gap 300/200

*** Update 2 (4/20) ***

Several astute observers have noted that the old maps link from the event page reflect last year's 300k route with a bridge bypass.  Just remember, the cue sheet ALWAYS controls the route you take.  For those of you wanting a preview, the routes are available on-line.


Also note that personal obligations require that brevet cards be generated today, so PLEASE pre-register now if you intend to ride this weekend.  The registration cut-off is (and always has been) 5pm on the Thursday before any Saturday brevet.

Andrew M.
Eastern PA RBA

*** Update 1  (4/16) ***

A pre-ride of the 300K route was completed on 15 April by Chris N. and George R. Chris' notes: 

The course is in very good shape. No significant cue sheet changes are needed.

I had forgotten how scenic a route this is, and with everything just on the edge of flowering, I'd expect the scenery to be spectacular next Saturday. We saw a little snow still remaining at the ski resorts, but signs of Spring were bursting out everywhere. Forsythia and Azelea were at peak, but most trees still just had swollen buds. It should be really pretty in a week.  

16.9 Somehow there are no longer any railroad tracks here.

68.7 The VF Sandwich. I have no words. 

70.9 The traffic seems to pick up quite a bit in the vicinity of Shawnee. Stay single file, and watch your line through this area. Once you get to the ski resort, things will be a lot calmer. 

78.6 There's no longer a barricade here. The road is open for business, clean and smoothly patched.

98.2 The parking lot at the Flats Deli has been paved! Whoo hoo!

107.4 This actually is not the last water for 25 miles.  There is a water fountain at Millbrook Village, so you really don't need to carry full water bottles up the Old Mine Rd climb.

113.2 Old Mine Rd is now smoothly paved, mountaintop removal has lowered the climb by 500 feet, and there's a Wawa at the summit. Only kidding. This remote hill climb has become even rougher, steeper, and more infested with gnats than ever. Enjoy!

115.4 Just before the bottom of the hill, and before the stop-sign TR, if you turn left into Millbrook Village you'll find a nice water fountain a little way beyond the gate. 

127.1 If you've not done the Rt 80 crossing before, the pedestrian ramp can be a little hard to spot. This is what it looks like on the left as you approach it.

The path follows the handrail back across the bridge.
128.1  Professional BBQ is now offered at the Apple Pie Cafe, and it is well worth a taste. I sampled the beef brisket -- Mmmmm mmm!

174.2 Gallows Hill Rd has been smoothly paved, and so has Stony Garden. (Really!) Sadly, they're just as steep as they always were, but at least you don't need to worry so much about potholes on the rollers.

181.7 Old Bethlehem and some of the other roads past this point are, in fact, somewhat rough. Since many of you will be riding these after dark, please keep a sharp eye for broken sections of pavement.  

*** Original Post ***

Announcing the SR 300k
The 2017 ACP SR Series continues with the Water Gap 300k scheduled for April 22, 2017.  As with all of the traditional SR events, we will be starting and finishing at the Weisel Youth Hostel outside of Quakertown.  A 200k option is also being offered.  Details and registration information are posted on the event page.

A course checkout ride is planned for April 15 so check back for any updates to the cue sheet or notes from the route.

Registered 300k Riders (as of April 20)
1 Michael Anderson  +Fr
2 Charles J Arayata +Fr
3 Jimmy Aspras
4 Dan M Barbasch  +Fr + memb
5 Eoghan Barry
6 Gavin Biebuyck
7 Sean P Connelly
8 Alfred Dolich
9 William Fischer
10 Michael J Gorman
11 James R Haddad  +Fr
12 Guy Harris
13 Dale E Houck
14 Greg Keenan +Fr
15 Eric E. Keller +Fr
16 Gil Lebron
17 Jeff Lippincott
18 Kate R Marshall +Fr
19 Rudi Mayr
20 Chris Nadovich - organizer
21 William Olsen - organizer
22 Joseph Ray +Sa
23 George Michael Retseck - volunteer
24 Steven J Schoenfelder
25 Paul G Shapiro  +Fr
26 Bob Torres +Fr
27 Victor Urvantsev +Fr
28 Aleksey M Vishnyakov +Fr
Registered 200k Riders (as of April 20)
1 Eric  K Hannon Ford  + Fr

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA


  1. The map which posted at the webpage
    does not correspond to this description. For example, the course does not cross rt 80 at the Delaware river. Could you please clarify?

  2. Aleksey, the cue sheet always controls. We will be heading north to the Hainesville control on the PA side and returning to the DWG control on the NJ side this year.