Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ride Summary: Water Gap 300/200k

Mist Over Blue Mountain, photo by S. Schoenfelder

Preliminary results from the 300k brevet have been posted at:

Preliminary results from the 200k brevet are posted at:

Results will be submitted in a couple of days to RUSA, and then become final pending ACP certification.

Organizers Chris Nadovich, Bill Olsen and Guy Harris once again demonstrated how to put on a brevet weekend as it mostly went off without a hitch discounting a minor, RBA induced registration snafu for the 200k riders.  George Retseck also stepped up to join Chris for a course checkout ride and then handled shopping duties and Friday evening greetings for the arriving masses.  This crew shows up to make sure the hostel is ready for our arrival, makes sure everyone has a place to sleep, cooks (twice), cleans, and in some cases even ride the event that same day.  It makes for a busy weekend.  Thanks to all of these individuals for making this event and the entire series possible.

One other administrative note:  someone left a very nice Arkel handlebar map bag at the hostel.  If you return home missing one, contact the RBA to arrange a reunion.

It was a damp day for all, but the hearty randonneurs who clipped in for the Water Gap 300k and its companion 200k were not deterred.  All starters for both brevets completed the routes within the allotted time for two 100% completion rates.  Congratulations!

Joe Ray writes:  Cool and rainy wasn't so awful - and the sun managed to put on a decent sunset after failing to make an appearance all day.  The Blue Mountain route is another favorite of mine in part because the 200k was my first PA brevet.  The road-paving done on a few of the roads between Riegelsville and the hostel has been a real improvement, though as it got dark a few remaining potholes were pretty hard to see, masked by varying wet/dry portions of pavement.
Thanks to all the organizers/volunteers.  Chris is there for us at 3am and most of the day, and I know Bill was there quite late after his own finish, making sure everyone who finished after him last night had what they needed, then cleaning up and putting away all the things on the tables before then driving home to NJ.
  Once again, thanks to Joe for bring a pot of his hearty chili for the finishers.

Jimmy Asparas had the following remarks:  A big thank you to you, Chris N, and everyone else who made yesterday's 200k/300k possible.
The forecast leading up to the event did not lead me to believe there would be any rain, so of course we had rain for the entire day. I've learned to just accept these kinds of unfortunate happenings, so I just took it in stride and had a great ride with Bill F and Gavin, albeit a soaked ride.
Old Mine Road was every bit as terrible as I remember, but it's never enough to deter me from a ride. The great climbs, thrilling descents, and beautiful views (my favorites are the ones around Water Gap) made this the perfect ride. I'm looking forward to hopefully riding the 400k next month!

Regarding that Old Mine Road ascent, Bill Olsen points out, "Hope someone commented how nice the ascent up Old Mine Road was with the recent repavement.  It was more like a major patch job that didn't fully bond, but the loose gravel was gone and the thought counted."

Steve Schoenfelder sent in his remarks with a couple pictures. 
Thanks for hosting the Water Gap 300K this weekend, with special thanks to volunteers Chris and Bill.  I found the route to be both scenic and challenging.   The persistent drizzle helped to remind us that we were true randonneurs.  Besides filling our drivetrains with grit, it fed the cascading waterfalls and rushing streams that we passed along the way.  Crossing the Delaware River four times added to the drama.  And then there were the climbs…  This year’s epiphany was that climbing Mine Hill Road with an additional ten pounds of body fat is no picnic.  And then there was that other road with “hill” in the name about 174 miles in.  At least we didn’t have Fox Gap!
The camaraderie of the PA Randonneurs was great as usual and more than made up for the less than sunny conditions.
James Haddad had a different perspective on the route:  it's all about the controles.
Thanks for another great brevet. Beautiful landscapes were abundant throughout the ride. My favorite was the fog rising up the sides of the Blue Mountains. Two controles at the Apple Pie Bakery meant two awesome sandwiches and two packages of fresh baked cookies to power me through the route.
CJ Arayata provided a link to his pictures from the ride.  CJ and Chris Nadovich will be Crushing the Commonwealth this upcoming weekend.  Riders start from Pittsburgh this year.  We sent CJ along with club SPOT #1 so you can follow his progress.  Chris N. has a personal SPOT.  Look for them beginning Friday morning at 5:00am.

Next up is the Blue Mountain 400k on May 20.  We are planning a little bit of a change up on this club favorite, so follow this message board and the website for announcements.
Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA 

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  1. Special thanks to volunteers for organizing such a great brevet, especially to Chris! My first 300K proved much harder than brevets I rode before, including the Fleche. I just wanted that ride to end.... Hope to see you on 5/20 though.