Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Water Gap 300/200k Report

Preliminary results for the 300k have been posted at:
... and for the 200k at:
Please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and become final, pending RUSA certification.

Starting 2 hours before dawn, a mostly overcast day greeted the riders as they traveled through Bethlehem during the early daylight hours.  22 of the 24 300k and all 7 200k starters made it to the finish in good time. Two of the unofficial 300k finishers decided to follow the 200k course back to the hostel once they reached Water Gap. Congratulations to all, and well done for that good result.  Of note, official RAAM finisher Geoff Brunner once again has clipped-in with us as he prepares for RAAM 2016.

 Joe R writes: "...Thanks for a scenic and challenging day yesterday! This was my first water gap 300k but I had done the 200k version last year so parts of the route were familiar while the stretch north of water gap were only partly familiar because of car trips many years ago.  We enjoyed such pretty terrain up Old Mine Road and along Walpack Valley.  I was especially pleased when The climb on the return to Water Gap that I had built up mentally into this monstrous thing proved to be quite do-able.  Looking forward to the 400k!. ..."

Newd S writes: "...Thanks to you and all the volunteers who worked the event.  It was a great course, well managed, planned and laid out.  The scenery was beautiful and wildlife plentiful.  A small herd of deer crossed right in front of me.  The last deer was a little skittish about jumping the berm at the road edge and ended up running alongside of me for about 50 yards before it decided to beat a hasty retreat.  The rough road conditions at the end of the ride took its toll.  My rear derailleur took a hit and would not hold the chain on any of the cassette sprockets except the hardest.  Had to manually hold the shift lever to get any incremental gearing.  Challenges make the ride interesting ..."

Ed B. writes: "...Thank you Tom, Andrew, Chris, Guy, and Bill for Saturday's 300K Water Gap brevet.  I really enjoy this route and liked the improvised out and back section up to Hainesville.  The hot out of the oven apple cider donuts at the Water Gap were off the hook.  I have finally learned how to ride that sneaky challenging last section back off the river to the Hostel.  I enjoyed the Brevet.  Thank you very much...."

First finisher Bill F. writes: "...Tom and Andrew - As always thanks for a wonderful brevet Saturday.  For some reason I decided to go off the front at a ridiculously fast clip and paid dearly for my exuberance while crawling up Gallows Hill at the end.  I have to give a BIG thumbs up to the new Apple Pie Cafe control - the service was fast, friendly and the omelette was excellent!...."

Eric Q. writes: "...Beautiful ride this weekend. Thanks so much for all your efforts along with the volunteers'..."

Your safety is the number one priority on an Eastern PA event.  Please mention any safety hazard you might have spotted or near-miss incident your saw.  Your feedback will help us to improve things for next time. Yes, that Old Mine Road is way overdue for a fresh ribbon of asphalt, and no, there is no federal funding available to pay for it -- talk to your congressman.  And I know the same is true for Gallows Hill Rd, along with just about every other road in Bucks County

Special thanks to a superb crew of volunteers who made this event possible: Chris N, for the Friday night setup and checking in riders in the evening and for cooking breakfast, checking in riders, and getting everyone on their way; and Bill O and Guy H. for preparing the postride meal, and manning the finish.  This crew also performed the preride course checkout, and suggested the out-and-back course change.

The Eastern PA spring series continues with a newly revised Blue Mountain 400k and for those looking for something shorter, the Lackawanna 200k on May 14th.   We are still looking for some additional volunteers to be out on course and to help with the finish at the hostel -- if you'd like to take your turn to help out, you can sign up at:

Tom Rosenbauer, Eastern PA RBA
Andrew Mead, Eastern PA RBA Designate

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