Friday, May 6, 2016

Blue Mountain 400k

**** Update 1 ****

A pre-ride course checkout was completed yesterday by volunteers Bill Olsen, Chris Nadovich and Gil Lebron.  An updated cuesheet has been posted to the website.  You will want to make sure you have the Draft 3A cuesheet as there is a minor re-route near the Lickdale controle to avoid a small quarry that was dumped on the roadway of the original route.  At mile 143, we still get on the Appalachian Trail, but heading south instead of north.  At the end of the pavement approaching the steel bridge over the Swatera Creek, turn sharply right and will walk your bike up a small pathway to SR 72 and then turn left on 72 and head down to the Lickdale controle. Do NOT cross the creek!

View of the AT sign at end of Swatera Trail
Technically, we will be taking the Appalachian Trail south for about 100 feet, up a small grade toward the highway and away from the Swatera Creek.
The AT intersection with SR 72 (looking north)
Space is tight, so exercise EXTREME caution when you reach the top of the path BEFORE venturing onto the roadway.

One other noteworthy discovery:  Services between Morgantown and Quakertown are non-existent after 11pm.  There is a 24-hour McDonalds in Morgantown just after the control that features padded seating that makes for a decent rando-nap.  This has been noted on the updated cue sheet.  We have also noted some 24-hour food services in the Linfield area, around mile 221.6 on the cue sheet.  There is a Wawa about 0.4 miles off course to the right along Ridge Pike.  The always enjoyable Limerick Diner is another quarter mile beyond the Wawa.

Entrance to the Perkiomen Trail @ mile 230.1
Since most riders will be making this turn in the dark, the photo above shows the entrance to the Perkiomen Trail at mile 230.1.  Exercise caution since your headlight will be the ONLY light around.

Finally, in light of the time most riders will be riding there is no charge for those wanting to grab a few winks in the hostel dorm Saturday night/Sunday morning.  You safety is our number one concern and we want to assure that you're rested before getting in the car to drive home after the ride.

**** Orignial Post ****
The May 14th Blue Mountain 400k has once again been significantly updated for this year's edition. From the hostel, the route crosses the Delaware at Riegelsville and heads generally upriver on the New jersey side to Belevedere where Skoogie's Deli serves as the controle.  The route then turns west, crossing the Blue Mountain at Wind Gap to follow the Cherry Valley to the next controle at Blonde's Restaurant.  Riders continue west through Schuylkill Haven and Pine Grove where they pick up the Swatera River Trail for what promises to the be easiest way to travel from the north side of the ridge to the south.  The trail officially closes at sundown, which happens to coincide with the closing time for the controle in Lickdale.  From Lickdale riders head east, but follow a gentle arc into Lebanon and Lancaster Counties to avoid the much maligned Old SR 22 with its cracked pavement and return via an old favorite passage along Harmonyville Rd through the French Creek State Park.  A controle in Morgantown as well as several other options for food and beverage along the way should allow riders to remain well fueled all the way back to the hostel in Quakertown.    Details have been posted at:

A pre-ride is planned for May 11 so watch this space for any updates and details.

A 200k option is also planned using the Lackawana course.

The 400k riders will start at 4:00am.  The 200k riders will start at 5:00am, still nearly an hour before sunrise so remember to bring your lights and reflective gear.  

Organizers Bill Olsen, Guy Harris, and Chris Nadovich will once again be on hand to take care of you.  Chris will have breakfast items available 1 hour before the start, and as usual, there will be post-ride food available.  Please take a moment to double check the hostel reservations and course option I have listed for you.

Pre-registration is required for both rides.  Use the Pre-Registration Form.

400k Roster (as of 5/12)
1 Charles J Arayata  + F Nt
2 Dan M Barbasch  + F/S Nt
3 Gavin Biebuyck
4 James Bondra  + F/S Nt
5 George Brandt  + S Nt
6 Geoff X Brunner
7 Jan P Dembinski  + F/S Nt
8 William Fischer  + S Nt
9 Michael J Gorman
10 James R Haddad  +F Nt
11 Guy Harris  - organizer
12 Greg Keenan  + S Nt
13 Eric E. Keller  +F Nt
14 Robin C Landis  + S Nt
15 Gil Lebron  - volunteer
16 Nicholas Manta  + F/S Nt
17 Chris Nadovich  - volunteer
18 William Olsen  - organizer
19 Walter J Pettigrew
20 Calista Phillips  + F/S Nt
21 Joseph Ray  + F/S Nt
22 George Swain  + F/S Nt
23 Bob Torres  +F Nt

200k Roster (as of 5/12)
1 Daniel Aaron
2 Richard G Carpenter
3 Patrick Gaffney  - volunteer

Tom Rosenbauer - Eastern PA RBA
Andrew Mead - Eastern PA RBA Designate

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