Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PA600k and New Holland 200k Ride Reports

View from Hawk's Nest (photo compliments of Greg K.)

Preliminary results for the 600k have been posted at:
...and for the 200k:
Results will be submitted in a couple of days to RUSA, and then become final pending ACP certification.

The weather forecast for this past weekend called for hot conditions on Saturday, thunderstorms throughout the weekend, and cooler temperatures on Sunday.  What we ended up with was exactly the opposite of that. A couple of riders at the end remarked that this was one of the hardest, if not the hardest edition of the PA600k ever.  While there were a couple of new climbs added this year -- those quieter roads do come with a high price, after all -- the exposed climbs between Gilbertsville and Blue Ball certainly made for a challenging 100k segment especially in weather conditions more akin to July and August.
11 Eastern PA Super Randonneurs earned their plaques

19 of the 20 registered riders made it to the start for the 600k, and 17 finished for a 89% finishing rate.  Of note, 11 riders completed an Eastern PA Super Randonneur series and will be added to the PA Honor Roll:
-Eoghan B.
-Gavin B.
-Chris E.
-Matt F.
-Cecilie G.
-Patrick G.
-Greg K.
-Gil L.
-Tom O.
-Bob T.
-Gilber T.
Also of note, several riders completed their very first 600k:
-Chris E.
-Joel F.
-Gil L.
Joel also further distinguished himself by not only finishing his first 600k, but came in with the first finishers and joins a select group of riders who ace their very first PA event. Joel comments: "..Thank you for organizing an adventurous 600 km.  What a treat it was to do my first on your course and with such nice riders.  And thanks to all of the volunteers..."  Dougin W. also joins that select group of acing their first PA as well.

3 of the 4 registered riders made to the start of the 200k, and 2 finished.  Of note, Edward S. completed his very first brevet and is now a freshly minted randonneur.  Ed tells me he also just completed his very first century a week ago.  Also of note, Bill Forbes was the first randonneur all the way from Texas to join the roster for an Eastern PA event.

Chip A. writes: "...Thank you for all of you hard work and putting this very challenging 600K together.  I can't tell you how much I love coming up and riding with you and the PA Rando's.  What a great and strong group you have up there, but based on what I rode on this weekend, you have to be.  
My story is that I got in with a great group of riders and we ended up riding together until the last 10-15 miles.  In our group were, Joel, Tom O, Matt, Gavin, and Dougin.  I had some navigational issues when I saw my cue sheet holder cracking and eventually breaking off....  Later on Saturday my Garmin 705 totally froze up.  So, I was somewhat navigationally handicapped, but riding with others who had their stuff together helped a lot.  Matt is amazing navigationally. ... since I am planning on riding Team RAAM this year, I thought I'd try to replicate my sleeping conditions by using my air mattress and built in pillow.  It was not quite a success, but I must have gotten some rest since I needed only one Espresso Love Gel pack during the day.  Matt and I finished a few minutes later than the other 4 due to having been beaten up pretty well.  It was a very good group to ride with....  thanks again for a great ride!"

Two-time Eastern PA Super Randonneur, Greg K. writes: "...Thank you  for organizing such a beautiful route.  You and the cast of volunteers helped me reach my riding goal and complete the SR for the year.  Once again Gilbert and I managed to stick together and pace each other for the entire 600K.  (have fun at PBP, Gilbert!)  Zach made it into a perfect trio by joining us for day two as we tried to keep from melting.  What a great adventure... "

Three-time Eastern PA Super Randonneur, Patrick G. writes: "...Cecilie and I wanted to thank you for a great ride last weekend and a great series this year.  The Eastern, PA series is such a great way to get ready for PBP.  Last weekend's ride was both challenging and scenic (as usual) and we are glad to have been able to complete another PA SR Series.  Thanks to Bill, Guy and Len, who seems to know the exact right spot to set up his mobile refreshment station. ... "

Special thanks to superb group of volunteers -- without whom, this weekend's events would not have been possible:
- Bill O. and Guy H., who scouted the course and ran the first half of the overnight controle
- Len Z. (secret controle and course sweep on Saturday afternoon and evening)
- Ed B.(second half of the overnight controle and 200k start)
- Jon C. (post ride meal and first half of the finish controle)
- Bill S. (second half of the finish controle and hostel clean-up)

The Eastern PA spring series concludes on June 13th with the Lackawanna 200k.  Event details will be posted soon.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern  PA RBA

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