Monday, June 15, 2015

Lackawanna 200k Ride Report

Gilbert T. riding towards a Lackawanna tunnel. Photo compliments of CJ A.

Preliminary results have been posted at:
Results will be submitted in a couple of days to RUSA, and then become final pending ACP certification.

Although summer is not officially here yet, we certainly have already settled into a summer weather pattern of hazy, hot and humid plus the thunder storms.  But fortunately, a cold front came through a bit quicker than expected and cleared out all the humidity, leaving overcast yet rain-free skies for nearly perfect riding conditions.  The wind even cooperated by picking up at out of the north to speed riders back from Portland.

All 17 riders who made it to the start finished in good time for a 100% completion -- congratulations and well done to all! Of note, Erin R. completed her first brevet and is now a freshly minted randonneuse.  Previously, her longest ride had only been 60 miles. Erin writes: "... Zach and I had a lovely day, ate a good dinner, and then slept for twelve hours! I hope to be back in the area and see you and the other riders again before too long..."

Jim H. writes: "...Thanks to you and Guy for yesterday's ride.  It was a great route with many enjoyable, low-traffic backroads.  If either of you pleaded with the weather gods, given the high heat/humidity in the forecast, then that was much appreciated.  The weather could not have been much better on the northern portion of the course - overcast and around 70 deg. with a slight cool breeze.  On the road back to the hostel, the sun was out but the heat and humidity was less than anticipated.  Thanks also to my riding partners for towing me to the finish as I struggled to stay with them over the last part of the ride - Gallows Hill Rd. certainly lived up to its name ...."

PBP bound Vadim G. writes: "...Thank you for a wonderful ride yesterday!  I learned a great deal more about randonneuring and this was my best time for a 200K despite all the hills and hot weather. Your wisdom of a 5AM start was much appreciated later in the day as we cleared most of the climbs before the heat built up.  Also my special thanks to Bob T. whom I was trailing the entire ride, for fascinating tips about smooth and efficient riding as well as sharing his knowledge about brevet strategies. Looking forward to the next PA brevet and thanks for the tips on PBP preparation... "

CJ A. writes: "...Had a great ride yesterday. Glad to feel like I am back in the spring swing of things after the slog of winter brevets. After having a taste of being in the "PA Front Crew" (it feels good!) for the beginning part of the ride, I fell back and quickly got picked up by Gilbert. We were able to catch up while enjoying the rest of the ride at a nice pace. The overcast skies in the AM hours were more than welcome, and the tailwind, relatively low humidity, and shaded sections tamed the sun for the early afternoon finish. The route may be a newbie, but it's definitely a goodie!  Thanks to Guy for the Friday night reception and strong coffee to start us off right, and to both you and Guy for the warm welcome upon our return..."
CJ has posted some great photos at:

Special thanks to organizer Guy H. for running the hostel start and finish controles, and packing up our rando club house for the summer as we wrap up the spring series there.  The summer series kicks off next month with the Hawks Nest 200k out of Water Gap. The route will be updated with some of the new roads we used on this year's 600k.  Event details will be posted soon.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern  PA RBA

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