Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blue Mountain 400k

*** Start/Finish ***
The start/finish is at Weisel Hostel.  There is a parking lot at the hostel, halfway between the house and the road on the right. Don't park in the few spots right next to the house -- these are reserved for the house parents and event personnel. Your RBA and volunteer Len Z. will be there Friday night for the start.  As usual, breakfast items, including hot oatmeal will be available one hour before the start.  Volunteer Norman S. will be greeting you at the finish. Some of you may also see Len Z. along the course at a secret/revitalement controle during the event. 

*** Hostel Overnight Accommodations ***
Gerri Anne and John are the hostel parents … if you meet them, you can identify yourself being with the "Bike group/PA Randonneurs" There are 3 dorm rooms on the second floor designated as: Male, Female, and Family. Friday night arrivals before 9:30PM should go to Female dorm, afterwards, to the Male dorm. You can claim a bunk in your dorm room and find sheets and pillow cases in a metal cabinet on the second floor landing.  You can keep your bunk for use on Saturday night. There are kitchen facilities available for your use (refrigerator, stove, etc.). You may store your bike in the Great Room, to your left when you walk in.  There are 2 showers available at the hostel in the upstairs bathroom (there is a sign on the door to
indicate male/female usage). When you are ready to leave, strip the sheets off your bed and place them in the hamper on the second floor landing.
You may want to consider bringing along:
o Pillow
o Ipod and/or ear plugs and eye mask
o Flashlight
If roughing it with the dormitory-style hostel accommodations is not for you, there are several chain hotels in the Quakertown area. 

*** Driving after the event ***
If you are very tired when you reach the finish, it may be a good idea to take a nap before a long drive home, so you don't end up with serious injuries like David Nakai did: 
.. Dorm rooms are available at the hostel finish, and we'll find a spot for you whether you have made a reservation or not.

*** Course Notes ***
While 90% of the roads are in good enough shape, 9% are in pretty rough condition, and the remaining 1% are in appalling shape.  After two pretty rough winters in a row, the untreated cracks from last year have now become gaping potholes and craters this year -- if you hit one of these at speed, it will most certainly ruin your day.  Unfortunately, this is especially true for just about all the roads in Bucks County, where you will be riding in the dark at the start and finish. Some of the bigger hazards have been highlighted on the cuesheet, but you should be on the look-out for potholes at all times, and keep a safe distance while riding in a group so you can safely maneuver around these hazards.
-Mile 1.6: As noted on the cuesheet, the first couple of miles of Ridge Rd are very rough.  Please keep a safe follow distance if you are in a big group, so you can pick your way around the potholes.
-Controle 2 is an untimed postcard drop (which you will be given along with your brevet card)
-Mile 23.0: You'll be passing by the Milford bakery which usually is open before the official 6AM opening time.
-Controle 3 is officially the Village Farmer and Bakery, but you may use any store in Water Gap to get your card signed.
-Mile 100.3: there is a diner in Bowmanstown which is the last opportunity to replenish your supplies for the long 49 mile segment between Controles 3 & 4.
-Mile 151.2: there is minimart to replenish your supplies for the long 51 mile segment between controles 4 & 5.
-Controle 5 in Jonestown is the same one used in previous editions but it has changed ownership from Hess to Speedway.
-Controle 6 has a diner that can be used instead of the mini mart.  However, it no longer is open 24 hours, and will be closing at 11PM.  But the Minimart has a "Drivers Lounge" on the 2nd floor with chairs and a couch if you would like to take a long rest.

*** Ride Safely ***
Your safety is the number priority on an Eastern PA event.  While the risks outlined in the event waiver cannot be completely eliminated, the following will hopefully help keep you as safe as possible.

Your responsibility as the rider includes:
- Showing up in reasonable physical condition for the event
- Bringing a reliable bike in good working order
- Complying with all traffic laws along the course 
- Respecting the rights of all other users of the route (including pedestrians)
- Planning for the situation where you can’t finish the ride

Although every effort has been made to provide you with a scenic route that minimizes car traffic and other hazards, the following list highlights some areas to take some extra care:

With the rough winter we just had and as outlined in the course notes above, you should be extra vigilant for potholes and rough road surfaces.
- One of the most dangerous thing you will encounter on the road just might be another cyclist.  Keep a safe following distance when riding with other cyclists you are not familiar with.  Please avoid forming a large bunch at the start of the ride.

- Helmets are mandatory.  Riding without a helmet will result in an immediate disqualification.
- Please note that the bike inspection checklist includes redundant lighting for both the front and rear lights.
Bringing along a cell phone is highly recommended.
- Mechanical assistance is not provided.  
- SPOT trackers will be handed out to selected riders. If you are given one, they have a feature to call for help if you need it and are out of cell phone range -- if you are unfamiliar with how to use this feature, a volunteer will be happy to explain it to you.  If you have a personal unit not already listed on the PA Randonnerus SPOT Tracking webpage:  http://www.parando.org/SPOT_Links.html
please send me a link to your SPOT webpage.

Food / Hydration
- In general, the route heads you into some desolate areas, with limited opportunities for food and water.
- Plan on replenishing supplies at the controles stops.  The controles are typically at a store or restaurant.

- If you feel like abandoning the ride, it may be an indication that you are not eating and drinking enough.  Take a break, eat something, and it's likely that your outlook will improve.  Before you know it, you'll be making that last turn back to the finish.  And remember the golden rule of "… eat before you're hungry and drink before you're thirsty."
If you are still riding past the ride time limit or if you intend to abandon the ride, please contact me on my cell phone: (610) 417-7161
- It is your responsibility to make arrangements for alternate transportation

In case of accident  
Should you become injured, or arrive just after an accident resulting in an injured person (rider, motorist, or passer-by):
- Call 911 for an ambulance, describing where you are and the condition of the injured person(s)
- Contact me along with any other organizers listed on the cuesheet 
- Be sure to carry identification along with your emergency contact information in case you are knocked unconscious

Please mention any safety hazard you might have spotted, or near-miss incident you saw. We value this feedback highly and it will help PA Randonneurs improve the next edition of the event.

Have a safe ride! 

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

*** Roster as of 5/1 ***
1 Michael Anderson - Friday and Saturday Night Hostel
2 Eoghan Barry - Friday and Saturday Night Hostel
3 Ed Bernasky - 
4 Gavin Biebuyck - 
5 Chris Errico - 
6 Matthew Farrell - 
7 Joe Fillip - 
8 William Fischer - 
9 Cecilie Gaffney - 
10 Patrick Gaffney - 
11 Guy Harris - 
12 Greg Keenan - Saturday Night Hostel
13 Eric Keller - Friday Night Hostel
14 Tim Kirch - 
15 Robin C Landis - Friday and Saturday Night Hostel
16 Gil Lebron - Friday and Saturday Night Hostel
17 Gary Mass - 
18 William Olsen - 
19 Tom Oswald - Saturday Night Hostel
20 Bob Torres - Friday Night Hostel
21 Gilbert Torres - Friday Night Hostel

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