Thursday, May 1, 2014

Water Gap 300k/200k

*** Update #1 (5/1) ***

The current cuesheets are:
300k: Draft 1 (4/22)
200k: Draft 10 (4/30)

A volunteer preride was completed this past weekend by Pat and Cecilie Gaffney.  Here is their ride report::

 "...Our ride went well yesterday, though I did make a wrong turn onto Hope from Shades of Death and added a good bit of extra climbing.  The first few segments went pretty smoothly.  There are some rough patches on Richlandtown Rd, but its not too bad.  The group should be able to make it through.  The Shell station is not open on Sundays, and we noticed that they do not open until 6:00. The real fast riders may get there before its open.

Danielsville to Water Gap went well.  There was nothing out of the ordinary and the roads were in good shape.  We had a few notes regarding segment three from Water Gap to Flat's in Hainesville.  There are signs that indicate that Community Drive (mile 79.6) is closed.  We were able to get through without any issues, though the road was a little rough and there was a lot of debris.  Riders should be cautious.  There is also a lot of soft deep gravel on the shoulder of 209 that riders should be aware of.

The first 15 miles of the fourth segment are very pleasant.  Once you turn onto Old Mine Road all pleasantries go out the window.  Old Mine is not in very good shape, lots of pot holes and gravel.  Its not impassible, as we were able to get up it on the tandem, but climbing out of the saddle is difficult because of the gravel.  Millbrook Road, all we can say is wow!  That is quite a climb.  Again, we were able to get up it, but it was a real grind.  

After Millbrook the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, but very pleasant.  There is a good amount of gravel on the shoulder of 173 on the way to the Citgo.  Lehnenberg Road was in pretty rough shape at the beginning, but smoothed out as it went along.  Riders coming through after dark should be mindful.  Finally Haycock Run Rd had a lot of big gravel patched, again riders out past dark should be cautious.  

Thanks again for putting together a not soon forgotten ride...."  -Pat

As Pat mentioned in his ride report, there are several stretches of rough pavement and gravel to watch out for.  Another spot you need to take extra caution is 9 miles before the finish.  As noted on the cuesheet, there is a wooden bridge crossing that has an uneven surface.  The cuesheet instructs you to dismount and walk across this hazard.  Please take this caution seriously, especially if you will be encountering this bridge after sunset.

Another hazard you could encounter just might be another cyclist.  We all know to ride steady and not make sudden movements while riding with a group of other cyclists.  However, even the most experienced randonneur may have a lapse in judgement, and unexpectedly jam his brakes on if he inadvertently drops a water bottle or cuesheet.  So please remember to always ride defensively, and to expect the unexpected!

The hostel is now full.  For those with hostel reservations: Females will be staying in the "Family Dorm".  The first male arrivals should use the "Woman's Dorm".  Later male arrivals will use the "Men's Dorm".  When you arrive at the hostel, the first order of business is to get your bunk ready in order to minimize disturbing those trying to get some sleep. Since we have a full house, earplugs/eyeshades might be a good idea.  If roughing it with the dorm sleeping arrangements is not for you, there are several hotels in Quakertown you can go to instead.

Please remember to park your car in the big lot to your right, between the road and the hostel, and be sure to stay on the gravel areas.  The few parking spots near the house are reserved.

Breakfast items will be available 1 hour before the start, and as usual, there will be postride food available.

Volunteers, Pat Gaffney and Bill Olsen will be meeting you at the finish.  There are 2 showers in the upstairs bathroom, and I encourage you to rest in the dorm before getting in your car to drive home.

As always, be sure to check the website and PA Message board for any last minute updates -- and remember to refresh you browser to flush any stale pages that may be cached.

And most importantly, be sure to have a **safe ride**!

*** 300k Roster as of 5/1 ***
1 Daniel Aaron -
2 Ronald Anderson -
3 Barbara Solis Anderson -
4 Michael Anderson - Friday Night Hostel
5 Charles J Arayata - Friday Night Hostel
6 Ed Bernasky
7 Jeffery S Butt -
8 Ed Dodd -
9 Chris Errico - Friday Night Hostel
10 Joe Fillip
11 William Fischer -
12 Cecilie Gaffney - Volunteer
13 Patrick Gaffney - Volunteer
14 Nigel Greene -
15 Guy Harris -
16 Donald Jagel -
17 Greg Keenan -
18 Eric Keller -
19 Robin C Landis - Friday Night Hostel
20 Craig Martek - Friday Night Hostel
21 Gary Mass -
22 Christine Newman -
23 Michelle  M Nguyen - Friday Night Hostel
24 William Olsen -
25 David A Pawlyk - Friday and Saturday Night Hostel
26 Susan Rodetis -
27 Tom Rosenbauer - Friday Night Hostel
28 Norman Smeal - Friday Night Hostel
29 Gilbert Torres - Friday Night Hostel
30 Bob Torres - Friday Night Hostel

*** 200k Roster as of 5/1 ***
1 Jane M  Brown -
2 Joe A Brown -
3 Jon Erwin - Friday Night Hostel
4 John Fuoco - Friday Night Hostel
5 Chris Nadovich -

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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